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The Democrat Marxists

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The Democrat Marxists | Victor Takacs | Podcast

Solve et coagula is Latin for dissolve and coagulate. In a recent letter written by Archbishop Carlo Vigano to President Trump, the archbishop specifically uses this phrase to describe “a world without freedom.” This is exactly what the Democrat Marxists are trying to accomplish. There is a struggle between good and evil that is playing out before our eyes on a daily basis here in the United States. Solve et coagula was a common description of alchemy during the Middle Ages.

Alchemy is the process of trying to make gold via chemical means. Such a perfect metal however can only be made by God. Alchemy can only yield fool’s gold. In much the same way, Democrat Marxists are promising the American people a new gold-like society, perfect in every way. This deception could not be further from the truth. Tearing down the old America in favor of a new Marxist America would lead to human suffering the likes of which this country has never seen.

The Democrat Marxists
[L-R] President Trump & Archbishop Vigano

This new America is the promise of Satan who has no intention whatsoever of fulfilling any promise. He is unable to do so. The Democrat Party has swung so far left that they are now Marxists. In a deceitful effort to undermine the intelligence of the American people, the Biden Campaign and the media that protect him will not condemn the violent Marxists in the streets. They want their votes and are therefore complicit in their violence. Biden himself is suffering a decline in his mental state. Should he win the presidency, he will be a puppet for the Marxists, especially now since he has built a coalition with Bernie Sanders supporters. Don’t be deceived by the lying democrats.

They exploit race for their Marxist agenda. Never forget that this is the party of slavery and Jim Crow. Today their massive welfare state serves as slavery 2.0. It’s time these Communist frauds finally admit that government cannot bring people out of poverty. Only liberty, rugged individualism, independence and freedom can do that.

The Democrat Marxists
Solve et Coagula Means Dissolve and Coagulate

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