52 Hostages 52 Sites

52 Hostages 52 Sites
52 American hostages were taken at the US embassy in Tehran during the revolution in 1979

The Meaning of 52

52 Hostages 52 Sites | Victor Takacs

The United States killed Qasem Soleimani, a high ranking Iranian general, in a drone strike. Since his elimination, government officials have vowed retaliation against the United States. During the Iranian Islamic Revolution of 1979, 52 Americans were taken hostage at the US Embassy in Tehran (Iran’s capital city). President Trump is vowing that if any Americans or American assets are harmed by Iran, 52 sites within that nation will be pounded by American air power. “52 hostages 52 sites!”

There is no doubt about the fact that the United States of America has created the absolute best and most prosperous civilization in human history. I am a patriot, but I am also a historian. I have never and will not ever apologize for this nation, but I will acknowledge its past mistakes. I will NEVER seek forgiveness for this country that is 243 years old and has never executed domestic and/or foreign policy on my behalf or with my consent. To do so would be moronic and extremely illogical.

52 Hostages 52 Sites
Iranian President Rouhani

What is logical, however, is the truth. The overall history of this great country is more positive than the history of any other. When the United States has been called upon by her international partners to help in the fight against tyranny, she has never refused the challenge no matter how great or small. This nation has been a force for good all over the world for generations. At the present time Iran and US relations are strained. Iran is a theocratic radical Islamic terrorist nation that has the blood of thousands of Americans on its hands. Sometimes America must be a force of good by eliminating rogue foreign regimes like the one presently controlling Iran. Their economy is in shambles due to harsh US sanctions. I pray it’s only a matter of time before the last nail is driven into the proverbial coffin for this evil government.

52 Hostages 52 Sites

As we all know, our great country has never been perfect. None ever is; none ever will be. There are numerous historical events and eras that have scarred certain aspects of our great history, but those scars pale in comparison to the numerous successes of our people for the greater good of humanity. There can be no doubt that the Lord God above smiles down upon this nation for the bravery of the American people, living and deceased, who strive and have striven to do what is right.

The CIA & The Shah (1953)

Some of America’s foreign policy mistakes were born out of a post World War II geopolitical and ideological Cold War paranoia about the Soviet Union and communism as a whole. If there was even the slightest evidence that nations of the world at that time seemed poised to become communist, the US would typically take action.

Iran and Us
Iranian Attack on Oil Tanker in the Straits of Hormuz (June 13, 2019)

This is exactly what happened in Iran in 1953; we took action. When the democratically elected government in Iran began nationalizing its oil resources, the CIA got involved and did so quickly. Nationalization of major industries by a nation’s government was often thought to be a move closer to communism by the CIA. In Iran the CIA engineered a coup d’etat to replace the government with the Shah. The Shah was no saint. In fact, he was a dictator known to brutalize the Iranian people. The US was not necessarily concerned about how the Shah ran Iran, just as long as he remained a US ally and did not nationalize private industry within the country. Many Iranians came to hate the United States for its intervention in their country’s governance and their support of the Shah from 1953 to 1979.

Israel as a Sovereign State (1948)

Coupled with strong American support for Israel, perhaps now it’s easier to understand Iranian hatred toward the US and the poor state of relations between the Iran and the US. Let me be clear however; the current Iranian government is evil. The US may be responsible for some past blunders in that country, but that is no reason for American leaders to ease up on “at the ready” defensive measures, especially as this rogue regime tries to acquire nuclear weapons.

52 Hostages 52 Sites
US & Iranian Flags

Things are what they are. Nothing can be done about the past. We study history not to feel guilty or apologetic, but to chart a path ahead that avoids the mistakes of the past. Regarding Israel, they are a sovereign nation and have been since 1948. When Iran threatens their very existence, they show their true hateful intent in the Middle East. The terror group Hamas controls a large portion of the Palestinian peoples on the Gaza Strip. Whatever people may believe about Israel and whether or not it should exist, the regional geopolitical status quo must not be jeopardized. The Israelis have always been open to helping the Palestinians, but Hamas typically won’t allow it. The United States must continue its support of Israel, our greatest ally in the Middle East. Furthermore, we must always stand strong against the evil Iranian government, a danger to Israel and the United States alike. It’s important they understand the fact that President Trump is not playing around. “52 hostages 52 sites!”

The Iranian Islamic Revolution (1979)

By 1979 the Shah was on the run and a new Iranian revolution, led by anti-American theocratic Islamic clerics, took control of the country. In addition, the US Embassy in Tehran (Iran’s capital city) was taken over by college aged Iranians. They would hold 52 Americans hostage until January 20, 1981 (Inauguration Day). Hence President Trump’s promise: “52 hostages 52 sites!”

The new Iranian regime believed that the captivity of the hostages single-handedly ousted President Carter from the White House in 1980. Thus in their eyes, Ronald Reagan’s propulsion to a presidential victory showed how powerful a force they could be in US politics. On January 20, 1981, unbeknownst to US officials, the Iranians loaded all 52 American hostages on a plane. Awaiting an all clear for departure, there it sat on a tarmac in Tehran. As a final “fuck you” to Carter, the plane left Iranian airspace only after it had been confirmed that Jimmy Carter was no longer President of the United States.

52 Hostages 52 Sites
Iranian Leadership in US Cross Hairs After Saudi ARA Attack on September 14, 2019

Iran is responsible for thousands of US deaths over the years. Moreover, as previously mentioned, they are extremely anti-Israel. During the Obama Administration a deal was hatched whereby Iran would promise not to enrich uranium for weapons grade purposes for a decade. In return, the US relieved its economic sanctions and gave the Iranians billions of dollars in American cash.

President Trump

Enter Trump, who tears up the terrible Obama nuclear deal. He understands well the fact that this belligerent Iranian government cannot be trusted. With their economy on life support thanks to new American sanctions, they have chosen to try and flex their muscles in multiple recent attempts to get America to negotiate the nuclear deal once again. About three months ago, an Iranian surface to air missile took out an American drone over international waters. In addition, on September 14, 2019, they used drones to destroy over half of Saudi Arabian ARAMCO’s crude oil refining and gasoline production facilities. Saudi Arabia is a US ally.

Iranian Flag
The Iranian Flag

It will be interesting to see how the White House continues to handle all of this in the near future. Obama’s pathetic nuclear deal with Iran is exactly what got us here. Emboldened by this deal, Iran seems poised now more than ever to cause chaos.

Sophisticated Iranian Strike Uses 17 Drones, Multiple Cruise Missiles to Destroy Massive Saudi Aramco Petrol Facility (September 14, 2019)

Arab American Oil Company (ARAMCO)
1950s Era Arabian American Oil Company (ARAMCO) Logo
52 Hostages 52 Sites
2019 Saudi Aramco Logo

On September 14, 2019, Iran used drones to destroy approximately half of Saudi Arabia’s petrol facilities. This was meant to send a message to the United States, an ally of Saudi Arabia. The rogue regime in Iran is now pulling out all the stops to try and force sanctions relief and a new series of negotiations on a nuclear deal. The Iranian people are extremely intelligent, but their government leaders seem to be pretty stupid. If they think death and destruction are going to force this president to beg for a meeting, they must not have received the memo. This is President Trump at the helm, not sellout Obama!

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