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The First Amendment of the Bill of Rights of the US Constitution protects Freedom of the Press. Unfortunately the modern American press today is being monopolized by left wing hacks.

The president calls the media the enemy of the people. He is right. All they report is lies. A national media conglomerate that profits on fake news is nothing more than propaganda. The hypocrisy of this media is on full display for all to see in the content provided within this Free State of V Category.

The CIA Controls your Mind via Hollywood

Hard to believe, but it’s very true.

Dem Lies About ANTIFA Pile Up

These people are psychotic frauds and liars.

Carrie Cordero Husband

Carrie Cordero Video

This is what was said on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 in an aside between Shimon Prokupecz (CNN Crime and Justice Reporter) and Carrie Cordero (RINO CNN Legal Analyst, Former DOJ Counsel & Georgetown Faculty Member).



Recognizing the Signs of the Times

Frank Figliuzzi Video

This man has no idea what he’s talking about!

D&A Investigations


Hunter Biden’s crimes are about to be revealed.

Coronavirus Deaths on Steady Decline

Coronavirus Deaths on Steady Decline

If you’re troubled by the fake media hysteria surrounding the Coronavirus, read this. Clay Travis has the REAL information.

America Under Siege from Within

The democrats are hell bent on making sure President Trump is not inaugurated to a second term. But just how far will they go? Unfortunately, they’re likely to go further than the law allows. Shocker…right? Isn’t that exactly what they did in the lead up to, during and […]

Peak Week

Peak Week

How fitting it is that it coincides with Holy Week.