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Dear Mainstream Media & Fake Tapper,

Fantastic job! You did it. You did exactly what Russia wanted you to do. You have seriously failed the American people on this one, but Russia sure is kissing your asses. For decades you’ve been biased by leaning toward the Left in your reporting. Furthermore you have been unable to conceal that bias the way your older counterparts did in years past. There are four reasons for this:

  • Your intelligence, on average, is less than what it was for your predecessors. The increasing  stupidity of successive generations of Americans is exemplified day in and day out nowhere better than in your newsrooms and pretty little studios. Your lack of knowledge pertinent to the history of this nation and its sacred Constitution is laughable.
  • You are narcissistic, selfish, egotistical, faithless, and agenda driven hacks. In many respects, you reflect modern American society in this way. You do not apologize when you are wrong; you double down and defend your inconsistencies, like some moronic ADHD riddled child under the age of 10. Moreover you’re literally in bed with a political party that has no respect for the rule of law. You’re more than happy to lend fodder and support to this political party. You, alongside your friends, would go so far as to help Democrats destroy a man’s reputation in front of the country on national television, knowing full well (or maybe not, considering how stupid you truly are) that no man  or woman should have to be subjected to that kind of scrutiny. During his confirmation hearings, Justice Kavanaugh had no personal counsel present and/or the  same due process afforded defendants on trial, but he was guilty as sin. Right???
  • Your goal is to report things based on your abnormal psychotic agenda and political ideology. It is definitely not to report facts. You are silent about stories that paint conservative Republicans in a good light but overly boisterous about stories that make liberals look good.
  • You are dying, but not to worry; we’ve taken care of the DNR paperwork. Your ratings may be up, but that’s because of Trump. You have some dark days ahead of you at your respective networks. You better pray Trump wins re-election, if in fact you actually know what prayer is. Right Fake Ass Tapper? You know what we mean. Your whacko Buddhist chants learned at the Green New Deal Retreat in Mikrotchitches, CO do not count. Trump may be helping with your ratings, but he is also simultaneously kicking your ass up and down the TV dial at the same time. You rolled all over conservative presidents in the past without any consequences for your actions. This president does not roll over like you did for King Obama. He fights, and he fights hard. You say freedom of the press is under siege, but the only freedom you care about is the freedom to run a Leftist propaganda mill.

The people of the United States of America look to you to gain information about their government. You are their source for facts about American public service in motion on a daily basis. How could you possibly do what you did? Have you no shame? Perhaps you wonder how it is even possible for republican politicians to continue to be elected to federal public office. You cannot understand why such an “old fashioned conservative political party” still exists in 2019. You preach progressiveness, but you do not completely understand how it is gained by the people of a free society. The narrative you create is the same one that duped you into believing in a style of governance that is inconsistent with the Constitution of this nation.

The Special Council’s Office concluded its investigation into possible collusion with Russia by President Trump last Friday. Preliminary information about the report that has been made public has clearly stated that there will be no further indictments to come. You acknowledge and report this, because it can no longer be spun. However you do not apologize to the people of this country who place their trust in you but are deceived. For the past two and a half years you would laud Mueller as an American hero, because he is the man who is going to bring down the president. You parade guests, contributors, and pundits through your studio whose intellectualism and character are at best sub par.

In all honesty you have absolutely no problem ruining the reputations of people, because you are not in possession of a moral compass but an agenda compass. You obsess over Trump and want to destroy him. It is the selfishness via your political agenda that makes your reporting a joke. It’s the animus toward this president, a lack of understanding of American liberty and conservatives’ defense of it, and this unyielding support  of all that is progressive that guides you. Congratulations! You and your sycophant networks/operations have officially sealed your names in history, but they are on the wrong side.

What will they say of you in the future? You literally report lies about people to billions all over the world for over two years, and you relish the opportunity of being able to do so. You relentlessly attack a successful president who despite it all, never wavers. This man helps create economic growth the likes of which haven’t existed since about 1969, you say nothing, and instead champion the cause of infanticide. As ISIS draws its last breath in the Middle East, once again, nothing. Instead you champion the socialist causes of Beto, who we’re continuing to find out is not much more than a weirdo.

Your justification for trashing the president is his tough rhetoric and methods, but Ted Kennedy kills a woman, and you turn his funeral into a canonization. Over 60,000,000 American babies aborted since 1973, and you lose your mind over migrant children who are being well taken care of after having been illegally smuggled across the border of this country.

We truly feel sorry for you. The president calls you the enemy of the people. You are exactly that. Keep doing what you’re doing, with your heads stuck so far up your asses that you’re not even breathing in the reality that exists around you. The longer you keep this fake charade up, the more the president’s approval rating goes up. Keep it up. You’re running a tab up with the Almighty, Trump is winning, and you are paving the future for your own shutdown very soon. We look forward to your Avanati interviews live from his jail cell. Tell the warden hello, and tell Avanati we think he would have made one great president…if…he were the President of either Hell.


Victor Takacs, Free State of V

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