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Dem Lies About ANTIFA Pile Up

Dem Lies About ANTIFA Pile Up | Victor Takacs

I have a suggestion for democrats, and I feel comfortable with making it public. They will not take my suggestion and will likely regret not doing so come November 3, 2020. Democrats: Your inability to be truthful is not something you can get away with. Your lies are a signal to the American people that you have no problem insulting their intelligence. The absolute worst decision you can make is to try and deceive the very people you are depending on supporting your party on election day.

The majority of Americans desire law and order over chaos. Your complicity in chaos is in full view of the American people when you lie about the existence of ANTIFA. ANTIFA is not only exposed by Project Veritas but by countless other media operations. The majority of Americans know exactly who they are and what they are capable of. So why say this Mr. Nadler?

Mr. Nadler’s stupidity is not evident in the fact that he doesn’t know ANTIFA exists. He knows they exist, but he’s betting that you do not know and never will. His stupidity is evident in the fact that he thinks you’re uninformed. Like his democrat party, he doesn’t stand for truth. On the contrary, he stands for propaganda and gas lighting.

So the question is this: Did you vote for a party on November 3rd that insults your intelligence?

It’s important to note that this isn’t just something Nadler does. The whole democrat party does it. They have left a trail of malfeasance and deceit for almost a decade that is as long as the Grand Canyon is wide. The evidence is there, but the mainstream media will not cover it. These democrat politicians are a disgrace to this nation. Their hunger for power is as big as their hatred for President Trump. It’s up to you to dig for the truth.

Conservative media outlets like us here at Free State of V is a good place to start. These outlets will not steer you wrong. There is nothing they have reported that has been proven wrong. Should you disagree, please let us know in the comments.

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