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Baghdadi Died Like a Bitch

Baghdadi Died Like a Bitch

ISIS Leader Took his own Life as US Special Forces Pursued him

The Washington Post Obituaries

The Washington Post Obituaries

Contained within is the story of Kayla Mueller. May she Rest In Peace!

Joe Biden Ukraine Video

Joe Biden Ukraine Documents

Documents provide no doubt about Biden corruption.

Rolling Stone Blasts Media on Russiagate

Rolling Stone Blasts Media on Russiagate

The inability to face the enormity of the last few years of errors will cost the news media its credibility, even with blue-state audiences.

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman

Ukraine Leaker’s Name: VINDMAN

During his testimony, evidence of he and Adam Schiff committing perjury emerged.

Did Jerry Nadler Shit his Pants?

An unexpected bile movement forces the New York congressman to exit stage right in a slow shuffle.

Come and Take It

Executive Privilege

DOJ Statement on House Judiciary Committee Holding Barr in Contempt

Ad Destroys Dems on Lies

Ad Destroys Dems on Lies

This new Trump 2020 ad calls out Dems on their double standard for impeachment.

Biden Documents Released

Undeniable Biden wrongdoing in these documents should have Dems walking back their accusations of Trump but don’t count on it!

Rudy Ruettiger Videos

We haven’t heard from Rudy since he sacked the Georgia Tech Quarterback. RUDY! RUDY! RUDY! So what’s he up to now?