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Baghdadi Died Like a Bitch

Baghdadi Died Like a Bitch | Victor Takacs

The news came in the early morning hours of Sunday, October 27, 2019. The man behind the death and destruction that ISIS had wrought on the peoples of Iraq and Syria had finally been sent straight to hell. Baghdadi died like a bitch. “Another one bites the dust” at the hands of US military personnel. This psychotic lunatic, Baghdadi, can now be added to the annals of the evil men and women the United States has cut down since she was founded as a nation. A guardian of good in the world, both historically and presently, America endures once again in her promise of eliminating violators of human rights while protecting those whose rights are vulnerable. President Trump made the announcement on national television. Of course, as always, CNN had to spin it.

Fate Would Have SNL Looking Pathetic

What a glorious moment it was, as just hours before the announcement of Baghdadi’s death, Saturday Night Live’s cold open was of a Trump rally. SNL portrayed Trump at the so-called rally as a friend of ISIS. During the rally, the President, played by Alec Baldwin of course, had some of his supporters come on stage to speak. One such supporter told the President that he was an ISIS member. The open also featured other Trump supporters at this rally as unintelligent, marginalized, and odd. This, ladies and gentlemen, is just another example of how the Left has destroyed another American treasure. Once watched by millions of Americans every Saturday night, Saturday Night Live (SNL) has seen its viewership tank in recent years. It really is quite a shame. Take a look at the aforementioned skit that was featured on Saturday Night Live.

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