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The Mueller Report for Dummies

This Mueller Report for Dummies Should Help with Understanding the Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Report on Russian Collusion & Obstruction of Justice Accusations of the Trump Campaign and the Trump Presidential Administration.
George Papadopoulos, a Trump Campaign adviser, was set up by the FBI.
Screw the WHO

Screw the WHO

Shills Carrying Water for Chinese Communist Government
Incidental Collection

Incidental Collection

Russia Hoax/Spygate: Obama Admin Surveillance of Trump Camp, Transition & Presidency Forged in the Fires of Nearly 8 Years of White House Spy Programs
Communisr News Network

Communist News Network

The Left lives a continuous lie every single day; absolute reprobates.

Adam Schiff Russian Audio

Could you have ever imagined it: This odd man would be hijacking our political system to drive a president elected by the American people from office?


Antifa fraudulently claims to stand against fascism, but they utilize the violent tactics of fascists against conservative Trump supporters.
Inconvenient Truth


What if the things we are hearing and the information we are receiving about the Republican Party is not true?
Fat Nadler

Nadler 1998 and Now

Rep Nadler (D-NY) wants full un redacted Mueller Report released to the public.
Like the democrats of old, in the tradition of William M. Tweed, their political strategy depends on failure. They prey upon the least of us in this nation.
Christopher Wray is the present and eighth man in charge of the Bureau. He assumed that office on August 2, 2017.
The President promised us we'd be winning if he were to be elected. He was right!


Immigration and Customs Enforcement will be conducting raids in 10 major US cities this weekend.
The President's 4th of July Celebration was one for the ages. Relive the patriotic event right here!

King, John

Hell just may have frozen over. John King of CNN delivers an accurate report of the border crisis.

Real Talk for Real People

Great Debate Box Watch

Great Debate Box Watch

Joe Biden Ukraine Video

Joe Biden Ukraine Documents

Iowa Caucuses and Shadow

Iowa Caucuses and Shadow

Tulsi Gabbard and Hillary

Is Joe Biden Senile?

Joe Biden Senile

Eric Ciaramella Photo

Eric Ciaramella Photo

Hunter Biden Slush Fund

Hunter Biden Slush Fund

Republican Talking Points

Conservatives for the Rule of Law

Jessica Cisneros for Congress

Biden Documents Released

Ad Destroys Dems on Lies



Democrats Running for President


Marianne Williamson

Reparations Debate