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No Holds Barred Attitude

What does no holds barred mean?

Having no restraints or restrictions.

– Merriam Webster Dictionary

What is the origin of the phrase no holds barred?

The holds here are wrestling holds and that’s where the phrase originates. Wrestling has long been an Olympic sport, administrated by FILA, the sport’s governing body. There are sets of rules for each of the various styles of wrestling. Prior to the formation of rules, wrestling was a free-form affair.

There was no need to mention any such phrase as ‘no holds barred,’ as that was taken for granted. It wasn’t until after the sport became regulated that bouts where those rules didn’t apply were billed as such.

The earliest reference we can find to no holds barred is from Manitoba Daily Free Press, February 1892:

“Wm. Gibbs, the Kansas man, and Dennis Gallacher, of Buffalo, engaged in a wrestling match at the opera house here tonight. Gibbs was strangled into insensibility and may die. The conditions of the match were best two in three falls Greco-Roman style; ‘no holds barred.'”

Forms of contemporary ‘no holds barred’ wrestling in which rules are thrown out the window are Hardcore Wrestling and Cage Fighting.

Hulk Hogan starred in a 1989 film based on free-form wrestling – ‘No Holds Barred’. Its tagline was “No Ring. No Ref. No Rules.”

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No Holds Barred Attitude | Victor Takacs

What an embarrassment for this nation these charades on Capitol Hill have become. These democrat senators and representatives are dripping with hate. It wasn’t just the utter pomposity of their questions but also the tone used by them in their questioning of the Attorney General. It’s apparent more than ever that reality is not necessarily part and parcel of the democrat line of thinking today. One would have to be high off his/her ass to conclude that the president must be indicted based on the findings of the Mueller Report. This report is over 400 pages of poorly written verbiage that is meant as a hit on the President of the United States. It’s all about character assassination. Despite the fact that there is overwhelming evidence that this whole Russia charade was a liberal sham, many still believe it.

Bob Mueller is an embarrassment to himself, this nation, etc. Many have said his reputation is impeccable. If he’s such a great legal scholar and law enforcement guru, why did he leave his report unfinished? Has anyone ever heard of an investigation like this? Mueller leaves the question of obstruction wide open for interpretation. Now how could that be? Well either he’s biased against the president or asleep at the wheel. Bob Mueller put together a legal team that was full of leftist partisan hacks. However, they still found no collusion or obstruction of justice by the president. On the special counsel team were donors to the Hillary Clinton Campaign, Trump haters, and even a man who had been present at the Hillary Clinton victory rally that never happened, because she lost.

This man is Andrew Weissmann. A US attorney and frequent MSDNC contributor, Weissmann essentially destroyed the lives of over 60,000 people when he caused Arthur Anderson (Enron’s accounting firm) to go under by ruining their reputation. He indicted employees there based on the false premise that they had obstructed justice during the federal investigation of Enron. This is Weissmann’s modus operandi. He manufactures crimes. In the end Arthur Anderson died off, but those ensnared by Weissmann’s fake indictments received true justice when the Supreme Court in a 9-0 decision reversed lower court rulings and exonerated them.

The Mueller Report was meant to encourage the impeachment of Trump. When the Special Counsel found no collusion between the Trump Campaign and Russia, they searched long and hard for other crimes. The fix was in. Mueller and his team created the obstruction piece in Volume Two of the report so as help keep media and democrat pressure on Trump. Mueller has no problem confusing the American public about all of this. It really is a travesty.

How about Bill Barr’s no holds barred attitude. He stays cool, calm and collected, causes the democrats to fall on their faces. Bill Barr is a man of integrity, but you wouldn’t know it. Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee are ethically bankrupt, and that is now more obvious than ever. In recent testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, Bill Barr was once again the victim in another attempt by House Democrats to assassinate his character. Meant to be a commercial for the Joe Biden Campaign, the Democrat offensive mounted against Barr did Biden no favors whatsoever. They ALL came off as grade A assholes. They would ask him questions, but refused to allow him to answer.

The party of deception is no longer deceptive at all. The 10% of Radical Leftists loved the Marxist Politburo approach to the Democrat line of questioning before the Committee. Regular sane Americans, including Independents, Democrats and Republicans? Likely NOT. It truly was a disgrace. You can bet that the history books will tout the Attorney General’s legacy as one that belonged to an upright man; a man with a no holds barred attitude.

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