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Have no fear! Stay faithful to the Lord God your Father. It’s Game Over for the Evil Cabal, and they that are left are discovering just that. Have no fear, for the satanic people of this world among us are being totally annihilated. It’s time to wake up! The end is near, but if we remain faithful, that end will not be for us.

Joe Bidan is not our leader. Do not listen to him. He is an actor. Your refusal to recognize this is only temporary, for all will eventually be revealed to the masses, especially those who do not yet believe.

The world is undergoing a transformation unlike any we have seen in human history. The greed and graft of our current financial system is being washed away for the sake of goodness and an equitable standard of living. President Kennedy once warned us of the secret satanic societies of our world. This is exactly why he lost his life.

Take heed. Wake up! The darkness will eventually become light. As President Trump told us at his 2021 State of the Union Address at CPAC, it is up to good people to right the wrongs of our society. Voter fraud on November 3rd was real, and the International Satanic Freemasonic Cabal who made it happen are being dealt with via continuing military tribunals.

Wake Up! Be optimistic! For this is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad! The corporate structure of evil that has ruled over us and has milked us for our wealth since the time of Sumer is passing away. Steer clear of those who desire bad things. Trust in the Lord your father, His only son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit!

Wake Up, but Have No Fear!

Wake Up!

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  1. Nothing is as it seems GOD IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE IN CONTROL. Don’t know what is truly going on, but Biden will never be my President. Still seems like nothing is being done on this stolen election.

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