by Daniel Faeburgh

Democracy Dies in Darkness. This is the slogan for the Washington Post that appeared for the American public to see for the first time in February of 2017. The debut occurred approximately a month after Trump’s inauguration. Does this seem coincidental? The answer to this question is quite obvious.

Washington Post: “Democracy Dies in Darkness
The Washington Post: “Democracy Dies in Darkness”

What does the Post mean by darkness? One would have to imagine that it must have something to do with the concealment of truths that are so well hidden even the light of day cannot make them visible to the human eye. This is the Washington Post, an outfit that stakes its reputation on a history of uncovering that which has been hidden in darkness. Their very ego is built on the Pentagon Papers as well as Watergate. Maybe darkness as the Post perceives it, the kind that can kill democracy, is the Nixon Administration. Well sure it is, but not completely. It’s also the Trump Administration. To those who work for the Washington Post, Trump is the new Nixon, and history is repeating itself.


Are today’s Woodward and Bernstein currently employed at the Post? And if so, will they take down another fascist closed minded conservative President? Will they again courageously defend Freedom of the Press, and for the second time in approximately forty-five years stop the assault on those who report truth so that democracy does not die in darkness? The answer is no.

The Post wants to shed light on all that is dark and corrupt so that America remains a democracy? Perfect; but what if an outlet like the Post becomes its own enemy, because they do not expose ALL that is hidden in darkness? Like making their way to the end of a cafeteria line, they pick and choose what they want people to perceive as darkness.

Democracy Dies in Darkness

My advice to the Washington Post is that they immediately take this slogan off of all of their materials, as it represents the darkness they supposedly despise.


The President has been drug through the mud by this Russia Investigation hoax for approximately three and a half years. Enough is enough. The Attorney General is currently working with the Special Counsel to get the Mueller report out to the public. However that may not be good enough. The utter disrespect being shown Bill Barr is unbelievable. The man is as straight as an arrow. He’s nothing like Eric Holder or Loretta Lynch, who were leftist hacks as Attorneys General.

Washington Post: Report the truth. Get rid of the blatant bias and darkness. You cannot have a slogan for your operation that describes the need for truthful reporting when that reporting contains lies.



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