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The American Dream

The American Dream | PODCAST | Victor Takacs 

As the American Welfare State continues to grow, for many, the American dream is no longer realized through hard work and self-sacrifice. Instead it’s found in handouts from the government. Dreamland for so many Americans nowadays is the government dole. Never mind the fact that the national debt is approaching $23 trillion. Examples of economic ruin can be found almost everywhere throughout the history of mankind. Typically it is a major contributing factor to the ultimate collapse of civilizations, kingdoms, and empires throughout history. The more our debt rises, the greater the financial burden for our children, grandchildren, etc. in the future. This is a serious issue that is not addressed in the proper manner by our elected officials. They just don’t seem to think it’s a priority. Democrats are ready to expand government healthcare coverage to include all Americans and perhaps even illegal immigrants. Well sure they are. This is a political party that depends on failure. Without it, they would not exist. They use taxpayers’ money for large welfare programs, many of which have recipients who are not American citizens.

When the President pushes back on the Welfare State, he has my approval. When he advocates clearing welfare roles of non-citizens, he is mocked and ridiculed by democrats and their media mouthpieces. For instance, CNN’s Don Lemon claims the Statue of Liberty is literally hanging her head in shame because of what the president is proposing. Little does he know, however, that immigration policies at a time when millions of immigrants were coming to the US to be greeted by Lady Liberty were a lot more harsh than Trump’s proposition.

The American dream needs saving. We must work to protect it at all costs. Enough with excuses; blaming others for mistakes and tragedies. The democrat party needs to put its money where its mouth is. Instead of campaigns of hate because everything is supposedly the fault of the political opposition, perhaps they should stop using their statuses as sons and daughters of prominent democrats to get into Ivy League schools. This, the party of Affirmative Action, the helpers of those seeking a higher education, and the political organization with a checkered past of severe racial discrimination. When will they advocate individual success? When will they stand up for the American dream forged in hard work and self-sacrifice?

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