3 Gorges Dam

When 3 Gorges Dam Goes, Bitcoin Goes

Massive Bitcoin Mining Operation under Dam

3 Gorges Dam

Cracks Appearing in 3 Gorges Dam (6/2/21)

Ho-Hum There Is A Dam In China So Big That It Is Slowing The Rotation Of The Earth…No Idea How That Can Be True But It Is

Chief | The Dog Walk PODCAST | May 17, 2021

This was last week’s Tuesday Dogwalk episode and I can NOT stop thinking about it. The Three Gorges Dam. Absolute beast. A marvel of engineering. An unmatched source of energy. A HUGE fucking problem…potentially. The Three Gorges Dam has enough steel(510,000 tons) to build 60 Eiffel Towers. It produces enough electricity per year to power all of New Zealand…and Ireland…and…Iceland…and Costa Rica…and Rwanda…all at the same time. Even though it is SOOOO big and reinforced with steel and concrete and doors…it still started to bend last year because of water. Nothing is stronger than water. Not even this big fucking dam that is so big that it is somehow slowing the rotation of the Earth.

When that dam is holding up all the water it raises the Yangtze River by 300 feet and that 300 feet of water weighs 84.3 TRILLION pounds. And when that water is raised up it slows the Earth down because so much mass is raised up and away from it’s core/axis/center of gravity or whathaveyou (science term). If you think of it like a figure skater spinning. They tuck their arms in and they just start spinning faster somehow. Same concept. 

3 Gorges Dam

I have no idea how those skaters don’t just instantly puke when they stop spinning and I don’t know how this dam can slow the Earth but it’s a fact. Our days are longer and it is China’s fault. 60 nano seconds longer to be exact. Fucking assholes. Who is going to pay that overtime? Not them. Just shifting Earth’s mass without a care in the world. This dam also changed the location of the Earth’s North and South Poles by almost a full inch. 

Oh…and China is currently planning on building a dam three X bigger than this one. Fucking INSANITY that humans can build such things. You can listen to the full episode here about what happens to Earth if that cement that is bending under the pressure of water actually breaks. Spoiler: It ain’t good.

Full Dog Walk Episode

3 Gorges  Dam

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