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ABC Interview with Trump

ABC Interview with Trump | Victor Takacs

It has to make you wonder; is George Stephanopoulos really this stupid? Here he is asking the president about supposed polling data that shows Joe Biden defeating him in the general election. Now we all know how wrong the polls were in 2016. It’s not Stephanopoulos’ questions about polling data, however, that highlight grandiose stupidity within the mainstream media. The polls are what they are. I for one don’t think they are right, but if these are the numbers that exist at the present time, so be it.

ABC Interview with Trump
President Trump & ABC’s George Stephanopoulos

The stupidity of the media manifests itself in a line of questioning from Stephanopoulos about whether or not the president would be willing to accept opposition research from a foreign entity during the 2020 campaign. We see it clearly here with this ABC Interview with Trump. The president responds by saying that he would definitely accept any information about his opposition. There is nothing wrong with that. It is totally lawful. The president goes on to say that if in fact the information he’s given seems to be something that is detrimental to the United States or the American people, he would pursue all means necessary to allow the proper law-enforcement officials to know about said information.

Why is this even a question that comes out of Stephanopoulos’ mouth? Wasn’t it Hillary Clinton who actually paid for Russian intelligence about Donald Trump that was completely 100% false? Didn’t the red Chinese donate millions of dollars to the Bill Clinton Reelection Campaign in 1996? Aren’t the Biden’s, both father and son, deeply involved in Ukrainian business practices as well as politics? Hey George! Why don’t you ask these people about opposition research? Why don’t you ask these people why they continue to seek more and more information and support and help from foreign nations?

Donald Trump never colluded with the Russians. The Mueller Report says so. I’m just trying to help these reporters out. They continue to be on the wrong side of history and thus they continue to make themselves look increasingly moronic day by day. For the life of me I can’t understand why they continue to do this to themselves, because history is going to see right through their fake smoke screens and reveal the true nature of who they are. In all honesty this ABC Interview with Trump is a prime example. If it were me, I would want to report the truth because otherwise, history would not smile so kindly upon me. It’s up to you George. What will you do with your journalistic future?

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