Free State of V Podcast Episode 5: The Truth According to LiberalsPublic Policy

The Truth According to Liberals

The Truth According to Liberals | PODCAST | Victor Takacs

During an entertaining and quite comedic roundtable discussion between Victor Takacs and his friends, Liberals are front and center once again. This time it’s all about their habit of anointing themselves as the world’s most reliable truth tellers. Conservatives often find themselves on the receiving end of liberal banter that is sold as truth, but in reality, it’s just dishonest verbal garbage. It’s during this episode of “An American Coup d’etat” that some truths posited by Liberals are questioned and analyzed. Specifically, liberal atheists Ricky Gervais and Stephen Hawking are rightly scrutinized for their lack of faith in the Almighty. In addition, Stephen King and the creator of the HBO miniseries “Chernobyl,” Craig Mazin, are called to task on their fraudulent comparison between the communist government of the Soviet Union and the Trump Administration.

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