Art Laffer: Trump Economic Agenda Looks a lot Like Reaganomics


Former Economic Adviser, Art Laffer Praises Trump Economic Policies & Predicts Continued Economic Success

Famous Free Market Economist & Economic Adviser to President Reagan, Art Laffer

Art Laffer & Ronald Reagan

The Laffer Curve is a Display of the Relationship Between Government Revenue & Government Rates of Taxation


  1. […] All too often media reports on the economy are watered down by statistics. There is nothing wrong with reporting economic statistics, because they provide a true evaluation of the American free market throughout time. However economic reports that also open a window into the life of the American middle class consumer can create a breath of fresh air, especially during times of economic success coupled with boring news reports of said success. The optimism propped up by such reports is practical for all of us, as regular Americans, because we are the ultimate beneficiaries of a successful economy. […]


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