Biden Laptop from Hell2020 Election

Biden Laptop from Hell

Biden Laptop from Hell

Biden Laptop from Hell Footage

This footage is from the infamous Hunter Biden Laptop

Hunter Biden Interview

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Biden Laptop from Hell | Victor Takacs

Joe Biden is thoroughly corrupt and should drop out of the presidential resign now. He is unworthy of the Office of President of the United States. Furthermore, the American people all know now more than ever that his pathetic policy agenda would be a disaster for the United States. Biden is completely uninterested in American exceptionalism and would rather sell us all out in the name of greed. This man is a pathological liar and an extremely fake person. Forget what you thought about Joe Biden. He is not who he wants you to think he is; far from it.

iden Laptop from Hell
The Biden Crime Family

The things discovered on the laptop from Hell are terrifying. This man and his family are implicated in numerous crimes throughout the information contained on said laptop. Were Joe Biden to be elected President of the United States, he could never be trusted. The former Vice President is likely compromised by multiple foreign nations and has subjected himself to potential blackmail.

Throughout this exclusive podcast episode, the grotesque and highly incriminating evidence discovered on the Biden laptop from Hell is on full display. At the center of the content featured within this episode is an incredible interview of Rudy Giuliani conducted by Dan Bongino.

Giuliani spills the beans on years of Biden family corruption. From Ukraine to China to Kazakhstan to Russia and Iraq, Hunter Biden plays the role of bag man for his family. In exchange for payments in the millions (sometimes billions) of dollars, access to Joe Biden is granted. Joe has been for sale for a long time; thirty years to be exact. As a senator from Delaware and then as Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden raked it in. For the right price he was willing to do almost anything. This would typically include throwing America and her self-interests under the bus.

The Biden laptop from Hell is a gift to the American people. It so thoroughly discredits the fake premise that Joe Biden is a decent man who is fighting for the soul of this nation. He and his running buddy, Barack Obama, were given a chance to govern; to lead. Their inability to do so was in part a byproduct of their corruption. Obama’s corruption is known far and wide. His involvement in spying on the Trump Campaign is proof enough of a man willing to discount tour sacred and most fundamental rights

There is one thing the majority of conservative and liberal American citizens can agree on. It is in the vital interest of our national security and our nation as a whole that the president serve the interests of the American people. Any person seeking the highest office in the land cannot be a public servant to the Chinese Communist Party. Common Sense tells us that.

Throughout Joe Biden’s career, he put the American people on the back burner while focusing on financial schemes that would greatly benefit foreign governments and businesses as well as he and his family. If he did it as a senator and later as vice president, he’ll do it again as president. Moreover, he’ll likely do it on a much larger scale should he become the next President of the United States. Is that what we want? I hope and pray it is not.

Biden Laptop from Hell
Joe Biden

Joe Biden would be a major liability for this nation should he be elected the next president of the United States. He has dug quite the hole for himself. The former vice president is subject to blackmail and is a national security threat to the United States. I cannot believe this man is literally one election away from ruining our great country forever. We cannot allow this to happen.

Please inform as many people as you can about all of this, because the media will not. They appear to be suffering from some type of mental illness the likes of which we have never seen here in America. Void of anything in the way of decent foresight, their omission of Biden’s corruption is likely to end up effecting them on a personal level should he be elected.

Why? Any national security threat to this country is a threat to every American, including corrupt journalists. Joe Biden is not smart enough to detect the stealth assaults of Communist China. His financial deals will set us all up for failure at the hands of an enemy with designs on severely limiting America’s power and ultimately destroying everything we hold dear. This is extremely serious. Should President Trump not be elected to a second term as our president, we are all in serious trouble.

James Gilliar WhatsApp to Tony Bobulinski | Both men were sucked into Biden Crime Family Foreign Pay for Play Schemes

How in the hell a “President Biden” would even gain security clearances that are necessary for the President of the United States is beyond me. Furthermore, should the Republicans gain a majority in the US House of Representatives, they will need to move quickly to impeach him. Not doing so would be a dereliction of duty and would put our republic at risk.

I cannot believe it’s come to this, but it has. This could be the end of everything. Don’t let it be. Vote for President Trump and tell everyone you know to do the same!

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