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Bill Clinton and China Gate

Some Things Never Change with these People

Bill Clinton and China Gate | Victor Takacs

How do you know you’re a modern day democrat? There are many things that are different about the new modern day democrat party and the democrat party of the past. Democrats today favor health care coverage for illegal immigrants. They favor an open border with Mexico for the sole purpose of growing their electorate, and thus their vote totals. Democrats believe in the will of a mother and her doctor to murder the baby inside her womb and even go so far as to call it a right. Furthermore they are excited about potential future prospects for making infanticide legal. This is a party that also hilariously thinks they are social justice warriors, because they take the American taxpayer’s hard earned money and spend it recklessly. They redistribute it among others, many of whom are undeserving of it. For some reason, you’re considered to be a politician that is taking the moral high road if you distribute more money that is not yours to others.

Now to be fair to Clinton, he was the democrat president who did more to reform this nation’s Welfare programs for the benefit of all Americans. Working with a Republican Congress, Bill Clinton signed off on the Welfare Reform Act of 1996. This law put into place more stringent requirements for being on Welfare. It also required recipients to adhere to new rules about the duration of time they could receive assistance. This more conservative approach to certain aspects of public policy is indicative of the moderate Bill Clinton Presidency. He was a democrat of the old order to be sure, but the democrat party of today is one rife with radical socialist elements. While it is true that Bill Clinton was a moderate, like many other democrat politicians, he allowed Red Chinese special interests to infiltrate his campaigns as well as his presidency. Bill Clinton and China Gate would go down in history as one of the worst presidential scandals ever.

Bill Clinton and China Gate
Former President Bill Clinton

Perhaps you are a democrat if you and your campaign colluded with a foreign country to help you win an election. There is no confusion here despite what you may think. This is not about President Trump and Russia. It’s not about President Trump and Ukraine either. No. This is about Bill Clinton and China Gate. More specifically, it is about President Clinton and a massive campaign finance scandal. The year was 1996, and Bill Clinton was running for reelection. Three democrat operatives who worked for the Clinton Campaign at that time opened up communications with Chinese government officials, military generals and operatives, as well as certain spy networks. They all typically worked independently of one another so as to solicit massive donations to the campaign that numbered from hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars. The continuation of a Bill Clinton Presidency depended on rogue foreign operators such as these in 1996. In a reelection bid that needed to reverse democrat misfortunes in the ’94 midterms, Slick Willie it seems was ready, willing and able to take all the help he could get. Bill Clinton and China Gate would play out as one of America’s biggest scandals.

These Clinton Campaign operatives were Charlie Trie, John Huang, and Johnny Chung. If you’re not a believer, that is perfectly fine. Go ahead however, and Google the names of these men. It’s all there on the good ol’ world wide web. All three of them were charged, indicted, and prosecuted for the roles they played in the collusion between the People’s Republic of China and the Bill Clinton Reelection Campaign of 1996. One thing can be certain about all of this: Clinton was either an active role player in the collusion, or he just ignored it all. Either way, it is now pretty apparent that he was aware of what was going on.

Bill Clinton and China Gate
Bill Clinton at a public appearance for Alliance for a Healthier Generation Press Conference, The William J. Clinton Foundation, New York, NY March 8, 2010. Photo By: Kristin Callahan/Everett Collection

The treasure trove of evidence that was resultant of the trials and convictions of Trie, Huang, and Chung should have led to the Justice Department calling for an Independent Counsel Investigation. However that never happened despite Republicans’ best efforts. Attorney General Janet Reno wouldn’t have it. According to her Justice Department, this was really just a non issue. The buzz in the media pertinent to this issue eventually faded and disappeared until it was resurrected by The Washington Examiner‘s Byron York in September of 2018.

Compare this story of an American president colluding with a foreign nation to the Russia-Trump Investigation. The contrast is stark. Bill Clinton and his campaign colluded with a self-identified communist nation. The incredible sums of money that totaled in the millions and flowed from China to the Clinton Campaign is appalling. After an intense investigation of Trump colluding with Russia, he has been exonerated. In the case of Bill Clinton, there was never even an investigation. The leftist media allowed the whole issue to slip away. For President Trump, who once again was completely exonerated, the media continues to pound him. They are so blinded by their pathetic progressive public policy beliefs that they have completely lost their ability to believe the truth, even if it is right in front of them. They wouldn’t know the truth if it punched them in the face.

How do you know if you’re a democrat? Perhaps you are a democrat if you’re a journalist, and you refuse to be bipartisan. Your reporting is left leaning and completely fake. It’s possible you’re a democrat as well, if you continue to indulge in fake leftist reporting as a CNN or MSNBC viewer.

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