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Preet Bharara and Doug Collins

Preet Bharara and Doug Collins | Victor Takacs

Can you imagine? One president can do no wrong and his successor is always wrong. Even when the positivity of vast executive achievements of the Trump Administration are palpable, democrats continue to oppose him at all costs. Here we have another example of a democrat double standard. It’s as if the tyranny of the Left never grows old, for when their lies and deception are exposed, they come up with the next best farcical narrative to push. As we’ve already established, the mainstream media willfully serve as the mouthpiece of the democrat party. Like slaves to a master, media outlets hang on every word that comes from the mouths of leftist politicians. In total cooperation with one another, they have no problem with railroading and smearing conservative Republicans. Members of the media are more than happy to accept leaks from the corrupt politicians of the democrat party and report them as facts even if they are not.

As far as I know, Preet Bharara and Doug Collins have never debated each other. More than likely, they have never even met. However they both made their cases about the strike that killed the ruthless Iranian General Qasem Soleimani on separate television networks. Mr. Collins is a Republican congressman from Georgia. He is also a veteran whose most recent military service was in Iraq in 2008. On the other hand, Mr. Bharara is a CNN contributor and former US attorney. He also served as chief counsel to Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY). So as you can see, the partisan fireworks were bound to explode. Explode they did when Bharara took issue with Collins’appearance on the Fox Business Network. It was during that appearance that Collins accused democrats of being in love with terrorists. The congressman has since apologized. In the interim, Bharara, a guest on Anderson Cooper’s show, appeared both dumbfounded and appalled that Congressman Collins would say such a thing. Moreover showing no desire to be unbiased whatsoever, Anderson Cooper seemed to have the same views as Bharara on the matter.

Preet Bharara and Doug Collins are inextricably linked to one another via one of the most significant US military strikes in American history. The missile that took out Iranian General Qasem Soleimani dealt a swift and deadly brand of justice unto this terrorist low life. Two previous presidential administrations (Bush and Obama) had the opportunity to kill him multiple times, but they chose not to do so. For our current president it had to have been a no brainer to go for the kill. His predecessors lacked the courage he possesses.

Such decisive action from President Trump has eliminated a man responsible for over 600 American deaths in Iraq alone. Quite frankly, I never expected the democrats to stoop so low in their response to the death of Soleimani. Their unconscionable demeanor in the aftermath of the strike is unprecedented. Are we now living in an America where one political party has a greater amount of hatred for the President than a terrorist? The prospects of such a nation are disturbing. The democrat party is responsible for ushering in a danger that may have lasting effects. It’s partisan politics before the safety and well-being of the American people. That, to me, is sick.

Preet Bharara and Doug Collins both said their pieces, and so now I’ll say mine. When Mr. Collins says that the democrats love terrorists, a literal interpretation of such a statement is bizarre beyond all telling. Collins knows not what is in every democrat’s heart. The assignment of a label here by Collins is done facetiously. Now how can he do such a thing? Well for a couple of reasons: he is entitled to free speech and democrats themselves invoke this line of thinking in their actions. Remember what I said earlier. It is unprecedented for members of a political party to be upset by a military strike that kills an enemy of this great nation. Therefore Collins’ statement, not meant literally, is a true reflection of his frustration with democrats. Behavior so radical, in other words, is worthy of radical statements.

With all due respect, Preet Bharara is a political hack. He was a US attorney that was dumped by Trump, because he was an Obama holdover at the Southern District of New York. It’s likely he now has a score to settle with the President. Therefore, as a member of the media mob now, Bharara has a voice. Not to worry however. His voice can’t be “too loud.” He is a contributor on CNN, whose ratings are terrible. Preet Bharara and Doug Collins have shared their thoughts with the American people. Next time Bharara May want to considered keeping Collins’ name out of his mouth.

I seem to remember some interesting tidbits about democrats that reveal their pathetic double standard. Didn’t Hillary Clinton call Trump supporters “deplorables?” Hasn’t Trump been compared to Hitler and Stalin on network television? Didn’t Obama carry-out massive military operations in Libya for weeks without congressional consent? What about that time democrat politicians and democrats in the media said the President hired prostitutes and urinated on them? Wasn’t it said multiple times that the President was in violation of the Bill of Rights? Where in the hell was Preet Bharara when all of the aforementioned occurred? Not one of these reprobates who lied and spewed hatred has EVER apologized. Doug Collins did.

Democrats love terrorists.” Maybe. Maybe not. Go take a chill pill Preetinder (his full name), and stop pretending that you’re not just another fraud.

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