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Deep State In Panic Mode

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Deep State In Panic Mode | PODCAST | Victor Takacs

It’s easy to see that the Deep State is in full-blown PANIC mode. The Communist bought and paid for mainstream media makes that abundantly clear. Lest we forget that they (the media) protect the International Cabal. No matter the depth of evil the Deep State is mired in, the media are all too often willing participants in guarding state secrets and covering up their crimes against humanity.

The gig is up. God, the military and Trump are in control. Hence the reason for the full blown meltdowns on MSNBC and the like. These anchors and reporters have their backs up against the wall and are panicking like never before. Soon and very soon their lies and crimes will be exposed for all to see. Patience is a virtue. Justice will be served.

The journey toward the light of truth is not for the faint of heart. Ridiculed, smeared and abused (physically and verbally), patriots continue to fight. Under the direction of God from on high, quitting has never been and shall never be an option. It takes great courage to forge ahead amid the myriad attacks perpetrated by those not aligned with truth. However, the reward is great for those that are.

The panic is real, which means patriots are over the target. We must not give up. Where we go one we go all! We are in it to win it, and shall do just that. Keep your heads up. Things are happening. Always remember “HIS timing is perfect; never early, never late.” God Bless Us All!

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  1. I live in Norman,Oklahoma.,even though it is a red State and we just had 2 Republicans elected to city council. It made national news. I’ve reached out to him and my Governor. Oklahoma is a fake sir but I cannot get help to change this . Please help me someone…..✝️✝️✝️✝️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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