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Net Worth of Hunter Biden

Net Worth of Hunter Biden | Victor Takacs

Hunter Biden has a net worth of $3 million. The former Burisma Holdings, LLC board member has done well for himself. A former lawyer and lobbyist, Biden has hopped around from job to job with career placement in many situations being a product of nepotism. At 49 years of age, setting himself up well for the future will obviously be advantageous for him. There is just one problem. Can he survive investigation? Having Joe Biden as his father has been good to his bottom line, but it has not been good to his private life. In all honesty, the guy has been a train wreck. We know this, because his private life has been scrutinized as of late. What was once private for Hunter Biden is now very much public. 

D&A Investigations
DNA Investigations is looking at Hunter Biden, but the media will not do the same.

More than likely, his membership on the corporate board of Burisma Holdings is not on the up and up. The United States Senate is now investigating any possible wrongdoing in his appointment to said board, because his father, Joe Biden, was the Obama Administration’s point man on Ukraine. Burisma Holdings is a Ukrainian company. Hunter Biden’s income while on Burisma’s board was approximately $83,000 a month. More importantly, He has no experience in the energy sector. That type of income, with no experience is going to raise some eyebrows.

Since Hunter Biden’s private life is becoming more of an open book day by day, we are learning new things about him. Firstly, congratulations are in order for he and his father. A court ordered DNA test has confirmed that Hunter Biden’s child was born to 28 year old Lunden Roberts. So Hunter has a new daughter, and Joe a new granddaughter. She and Hunter Biden are not currently together, but once again, he is the father of this woman, Lunden Roberts’ baby.

Net Worth of Hunter Biden
Lunden Roberts, Hunter Biden’s Baby Mama

Roberts, who resides in Arkansas met Hunter Biden at a Washington DC strip club. Apparently Hunter Biden and Lunden Roberts dated for a brief period of time as well. Hunter, it seems, rather enjoys the strip club scene, as he has been known to visit some in multiple cities. With a net worth of $3 million, he could afford some lap dances. According to witnesses, the net worth of Hunter Biden can handle multiple visits to the strip club VIP rooms as well. At this point, however, money spent on child support is more important than spending it on strip club VIP rooms. I mean really; doesn’t Hunter Biden know he is the father of Lunden Roberts’ Baby? He continues to be a deadbeat father and not pay child support to his baby mama.

Net Worth of Hunter Biden
Hunter Biden

Acquaintances and friends of Hunter Biden have recently shared some interesting stories. Multiple New York City and Washington, DC strip clubs have welcomed Hunter Biden into their establishments in recent years. Hunter Biden’s actions at strip clubs in those respective cities are wild to say the least. There’s one tale of him being kicked out of a particular gentlemen’s club for smoking crack in the VIP room.

Furthermore, it has been alleged that Hunter Biden asked a staffer at one establishment to go out and purchase a dildo for him. This staffer did as requested, and Biden took the dildo into a VIP room where he had one of the strippers use it on him. Hunter Biden and Lunden Roberts would be living quite the life should they have stayed together.

Net Worth of Hunter Biden
Lunden Roberts (On Left)

Hunter Biden Continues to be Investigated in the Senate

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