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Lock Her Up

The Hate that Flows from the Left is the Product of Their Guilt. LOCK HER UP!

Lock Her Up | Victor Takacs

Hillary Clinton committed serial violations of the law as we all know. The fake Russia Investigation has been an attempt to put the blame on Trump for two reasons:

  • Anger about the election of Trump
  • Paranoia that with Trump at the helm, his DOJ may indict Obama officials complicit in Hillary’s email scandal, including her, which may indeed occur

Now that the Trump-Russia Investigation is being revealed as fake, those complicit could be indicted as well.

  • So now it’s not just Hillary Clinton under the microscope but all of the others who are involved in the Deep State. They are now paranoid, which has led to increased anger toward the president.
  • The Left’s Russia Investigation did something they never thought about. It exposed them, not Trump. Haha! IDIOTS!
  • It’s like our mommas taught us; the more we lie, the worse the situation becomes for us.

No president in the history of this nation has had to endure so much hate and utter vitriol. Any sane person has to be questioning this degree of hate. The truth is that it’s never been like this in America. This is a first. Sure the media has trashed presidents, mostly conservative republicans. Sure the leftists have spewed their disgusting lies and hatefulness in order to take hold of more power, but it’s never been like this.

From a psychological perspective, the left has gone into fight or flight mode. They’ve ramped up their offensive as a defensive strategy. The more they bitch and moan, the more they believe a smokescreen that conceals their wrongdoing is being created. The high degree of negativity being unleashed against the president and conservatives as a whole is not necessarily the product of anger but the product of paranoia that flows from former Obama Administration officials who are now under the microscope.

The media, which is the mouthpiece of the liberals, is in the tank with those trying to shield themselves from indictment. They, in many ways are the protectors of these evil people. Once all of their misleading information reaches the American people, it is believed by them, because the majority of Americans get their political news in snippets without investigating them. Liberals are experts in the field of group think, but they have become equally good in the field of group emotion. Their paranoia becomes the ignorant masses’ anger.

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