Mike Lindell's Absolute Proof2020 Election

Mike Lindell’s Absolute Proof & Scientific Proof


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  1. Where do we get state by state results? We are working with our clerk and recorder’s office trying to get rid of the machines.

  2. The only absolute proof, is that Mike Lindell was scammed by Dennis Montgomery! Montgomery sold Mike $20 worth of publicly available election data, that shows nothing! He charged Mike millions of $$$$!!!!! Mike was totally ripped off!!!!

  3. We are with you Mike. Keep up the good fight. We also are amazed at the number of “useful idiots” that the democrats use in their take over attempt.

    Incidentally we just bought two of your pillows.

  4. It’s sad that there are people out there that are so intolerant they don’t allow themselves to think freely and only “buy in” to the sheeple talking points.

    • Do you think the log records showing foreign intrusion are fake? Or they are not suitable evidence? How about detailed testimony by experienced cyber security practitioners? If you disagree with the evidence, please state reasons. This is important. If you have no legitimate reasons then the impression is that you are emotionally invested in the deceit and have little regard for the integrity of the election process. A lot of that going around these days.

    • I am going to use it and not pay you a dime. Dimwitcrats.

      The only problem is that the ones who are actually running that party are the ones who are making them look so bad.

      They will have this country communist in a very short time now. That is why they lie so blatantly and do everything to hurt us. Nobody, except on purpose could always do the thing that is worse for us every time.A couple of weeks is all we have to start ringing the bell and start actually stopping them.

      Marxism is the way they are using. Look at what they did in Russia. They are almost there with what they have been doing since the fifties.

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