Russians May not Have Hacked DNC ServerSpygate

Russians May not Have Hacked DNC Server

Russians May not Have Hacked DNC Server | Joseph Scodney

The fake news liberal narrative has always been that the Russians hacked the DNC (Democrat National Committee) server and gained access to the emails of Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, other top democrats, etc. These emails, according to this narrative, were then handed over to Wikileaks who subsequently released them to the public. Don’t you find it odd that Julian Assange (founder/owner of Wikileaks) has never been interviewed about this? If it is indeed true that the Russians may not have hacked the DNC server, Assange could quickly make a confirmation or denial.

The truth is that none of this was ever confirmed. Moreover, this Russian hack narrative now appears to have been a portion of the wider hoax that the Obama Administration would use to try and take out Trump. They likely didn’t care if Russians were responsible for the breech or not. Let me be crystal clear about this; we are not saying the Russians did not hack the DNC server. It may very well have been Russian actors who were the perpetrators here. However, there is no confirmation or definitive proof that it was a Russian hack, contrary to the spin we’ve been given by the democrats for years now.


If you’re skeptical, that’s okay. We have the receipts, which shall prove our point. Before those are laid out, however, let’s take a look at the things we do know:

  1. The DNC server was hacked.
  2. The information garnered (mostly email communications) by the perpetrator(s) of the hack was shared with Wikileaks.
  3. Wikileaks subsequently released the information to the public.
  4. Those in top positions throughout the Intelligence Community (IC) knew before Trump’s inauguration that the Steele Dossier was unsubstantiated.
  5. Roger Stone did try to reach out to Wikileaks, but there is no evidence that he was successful.
  6. There was never any collusion among Trump and/or his surrogates with the Russians to influence the 2016 election.
  7. The DNC server hack occurred unbeknownst to the Trump Campaign.
Russians May not Have Hacked DNC Server

Thanks to Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) and other democrats on the House Intelligence Committee, the American people have been unaware of the fact that a Russian hack of the DNC server has never been proven beyond a reasonable doubt. That all changed in early May of 2020. Former Acting DNI (Director of National Intelligence) Richard Grenell finally forced Schiff’s hand. Schiff, Chair of the House Intelligence Committee since January of 2019, had been sitting on transcripts of testimony before his committee for many months.

Fearful of the truth being exposed, he refused declassification of transcripts that would chip away at the democrats’ Russia collusion narrative that they had so tightly tethered themselves to in 2016. Schiff claimed that releasing these transcripts could compromise our national security. Let’s just say that this was never fact checked by anyone, and we know why. The idea that these transcripts were in fact capable of compromising national security is wholly inaccurate and quite ridiculous. Aware that Grenell would likely be declassifying all of the transcripts, Schiff acquiesced.


One such transcript that was declassified was the record of Shawn Henry’s testimony before the committee. Henry is the President of CrowdStrike Services as well a former Executive Assistant Director under Robert Mueller at the FBI. CrowdStrike is a cyber-security company.

Shawn Henry said he was contacted unexpectedly one day by a former colleague at the Justice Department, Michael Sussmann. Sussmann said he was reaching out on behalf of the Democrat National Committee in order to re-mediate a breech of their computer systems. Just as an aside, Sussmann was later hired onto Perkins Coie Law Firm, which was the launderer of payments between the DNC and Clinton Campaign to Fusion GPS. It was Fusion GPS who had hired Christopher Steele, the compiler of the fake Steele Dossier information.

According to Just the News Shawn Henry confirmed the fact that he could not unequivocally say that the DNC cyber system had been hacked by the Russians:

Responding to a question from Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-Texas), he said, “There is evidence of exfiltration, not conclusive, but indicators of exfiltration of the DNC.” 


Henry said that based on the evidence his firm reviewed, they believe “70 gigabytes of data” were exfiltrated from the DNC’s network. However, when asked by Rep. Mike Conaway (R-Texas) whether he could “unequivocally say it was or not was exfiltrated out of the DNC, from what you know of?”


Henry responded, “I can’t say based on that,” according to the 80-page transcript

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