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As a Conservative are you Worried?

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NPR / PBS / MARIST POLL: Trump’s Approval Rating Among Hispanics is at 50%

As a Conservative Are You Worried? | Victor Takacs

Do not be worried. It’s conservatives who stand on principle via the Constitution, liberty, and a keen understanding of independence from government intervention. Liberals are always depending on the votes of those who are dependent upon them. The American system is not designed for there to be more dependents than independents. Granted, the possibility for such a phenomenon exists; Exhibit A: The Great Depression. These are only temporary ebbs in the free market cycle that do not last forever. The power of the liberal sits atop the precept that there must always be unsuccessful individuals. Without these people, the liberal has no more power.

Will Trump Get More of the Minority Vote in 2020 Than he did in 2016?
Will Trump Get More of the Minority Vote in 2020 Than he did in 2016?

Conservatism, on the other hand, is built on success through hard work realized only when the government is the hell out of the way. Successfulness is principle. Failure is not. Democrats miscalculate this all the time. Take for instance the border. They want that thing wide open, because it means more votes that will eventually be coming their way. Look at the president’s approval rating though among Hispanics. It’s at 50%! How can that be?

The John McCains and George W. Bush’s of the world did their best to stay away from immigration. The more they stayed away, they thought, the more of the Hispanic vote for democrats they could chip away at. This too is a big miscalculation. Hispanic Americans are climbing higher on the rungs of the socioeconomic ladder day by day. There’s a point at which their dependency on government wanes. We’re seeing this at work in the midst of an extremely robust economy. Hispanic Americans are fed up with illegal aliens who are hired by lawbreakers and paid in cash, thus circumventing the federal income tax system.

Do not be worried. Though American minorities are growing in large numbers in this country, it is not a death sentence for conservatism. Being conservative is being in favor of a vast amount of liberty for one and their family. It has nothing to do with the color of one’s skin. Just remember, we’re a mere 60 years or so removed from the Civil Rights Movement. Hispanics are our most recent immigrant ethnic group. On the lower end of the socioeconomic ladder not too long ago, millions of African Americans and Hispanics are accumulating more and more capitalistic wealth that is subsequently pulling them toward conservatism.

As a conservative are you worried?
Presidential Approval Rating Among the American People

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  1. No I’m not worried I have my guns and my health and if need be wil take the fight to those who seek to gain tyranny over us …I will die for the freedom of my grandchildren and the generations to follow

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