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Wuhan Man Gains 225 lbs in Quarantine

Wuhan Man Gains 225 lbs in Quarantine | Victor Takacs

Mr. Zhou is now the fattest man in Wuhan, and he can thank the Chinese authorities for that. The pandemic that has gripped the world for almost five months has made millions sick. It’s also taken the lives of almost half a million people worldwide. This is 100% China’s fault! No other individual or entity the world over is responsible for this pandemic. It is China who bears all responsibility for the havoc wrought on so many in the wake of this virus. I am convinced that their misdeeds are going to cost them dearly. They have significantly damaged their relationship with the United States. While the Chinese did not purposefully cause this disaster, they are complicit in their dereliction of duty to mitigate the damage.

What a tragedy. This Wuhan man gains 225 lbs in Quarantine, which obviously puts his overall health at risk. Furthermore, suicide rates rise due to economic shutdown. These are just a couple of examples that illustrate the fact that while the virus itself is deadly, its effects are as well.

  • Wuhan Man Gains 224 lbs Since Lockdown

Mr. Zhou has never been infected by the Coronavirus, but the Coronavirus is responsible for a massive decline in his health. Draconian lockdown measures enforced by the Chinese Communist Party since January forced an already extremely obese and unhealthy man to pile on even more lbs. This Wuhan man gained 225 lbs in quarantine. At 392 lbs before the pandemic, he now weighs in at a whopping 617 lbs.

26 year old Mr. Zhou’s sedentary lifestyle became more prolific at the onset of the lockdown. Even when the Chinese government began letting people go back to work in early April, Zhou continued to stay home. An internet cafe attendant by trade, Zhou eventually wound up in the hospital. On June 1st, he was admitted with serious cardiovascular and pulmonary issues. He is now stable and is planning to get on a diet so that he may get to the weight that is required for weight loss surgery.

We wish him the best!

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