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Jerry Nadler the Penguin

Jerry Nadler Penguin
Jerry Nadler the Penguin Eliminating Justice

Jerry Nadler the Penguin | Victor Takacs

Simply put, true justice is the equal application of the law to all people and their actions. It does not cast aspersions nor does it give the impression of casting aspersions unto people because of their political and religious beliefs, lifestyle, race, ethnicity, sex, sexual preference, etc. This may be cliché, but it’s as real as the air you are breathing. That is, true justice is blind. It must be, for the alternative is punishment influenced by potentially biased law enforcement officials, judges, and in the case of impeachment, members of Congress. These biases may perpetuate an injustice whereby the crime at hand, if it were indeed committed, does not reflect the punishment. Thus the effects of such an injustice creates within the civil society a toxicity replete with unchecked and dangerous violations of the citizenry’s civil liberties. Moreover the growth of the frequency of these violations, made actionable in the incipience of bad precedent, could lead to unmitigated and perhaps irreparable damage to a state’s system of governance.

Jerry Nadler Penguin
Even Gump Knows

Reprobate (Rep.) Jerry Nadler (D-NY) is an obstructionist of American justice. It’s in that vein that we have now given him a name he truly deserves. He is Jerry Nadler the Penguin. Not only does he resemble the Penguin, but he acts like him as well. Nadler is a true American villain. Like the Penguin featured in Batman, Jerry Nadler the Penguin turns justice on its head. He seeks to reward bad citizens while simultaneously smearing, lying about, and destroying good citizens.

Jerry Nadler Penguin
Reprobate (Rep.) Jerry Nadler A.K.A. The Penguin (D-NY)

We all have perceptions of what true justice should look like. So, what is justice? In reality, it’s whatever the hell those in power want it to be. And Why? Because they control the machination of the levers of authority over the state at any one time. Typically the brand of justice that is not true; justice that is fraudulent and inauthentic, hides itself well within the fabric of the veil of propaganda. It is a brand of correctional retribution for supposed lawbreakers that is fabricated via breathless and repetitive propaganda. Jerry Nadler the Penguin anyone…anyone?

Propaganda is information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.

The Oxford Dictionary, 2019
Jerry Nadler Penguin
Remember! This is no such thing as a dumb question.

In a free society, justice is done only when the facts prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that wrongdoing has occurred. Justice cannot exist without truth, and truth is derived from facts. In the case of President Trump, there have been no facts established that warrant impeachment. What is known is that President Trump was not trying to bribe Ukrainian President Zelensky in exchange for an investigation of Biden. Now how do we know that? The President released the transcript of the phone call between the two world leaders for everyone to read the conversation for themselves.

So why is this fake impeachment even happening? The answer lies in people’s perceptions, but perceptions contain biases. The reality is that the quest for true justice can sometimes fall prey to these biases. What “person A” believes is the proper implementation of justice may not be what “person B” believes.

The NY Congressman
Jerry Nadler A.K.A. The Penguin

The democrats have convinced themselves they’re on a crusade to get rid of the president in the name of true justice. Doing so would satisfy their brand of justice. They may think they’re being just, but they are not. Their perception of justice is not true in its application to the President here. Hating someone does not mean they are guilty of a crime. A crime must be proven for the implementation of true justice. There is no crime here in this scenario. Furthermore, many democrats know there is no crime, but they justify it via their massive amount of hatred for this president. It’s been said time and time again that a crime is not necessary for impeachment. The danger in impeaching without proof of a crime is that anyone can be impeached if enough people hate them. That works in communist states but is the antithesis of America’s system of democratic republicanism.

The NY Congressman
Congressman from New York, Reprobate Jerry Nadler

A crime is our only standard for justice in this country. Moreover all impeachment proceedings of Presidents in the past have been backed up by evidence of crimes committed. This will be the first time in the history of the United States that a president will be impeached with no evidence of a crime. You know what they say; there’s a first time for everything. And what do I say? The second time and all those that come after will come more quickly and with more ferocity than before. This is the nature of establishing precedent. An impeachment of President Trump lowers the bar for what constitutes the relentless investigation, and ultimately impeachment of all future presidents. While impeachment is not removal from office, it handicaps a president in his ability to carry out his duties. From this point forward, impeachment is now worthless. It has been cheapened beyond repair. Get ready democrats! You lowered the bar and republicans will now be poised to take advantage of it.

The NY Congressman
The Infamous Penguin

Just know that a free society such as ours should always implement equal justice under the law. Thus how can it be that the 44th President engages in the worst types of unlawful conduct, but escapes any and all kinds of scrutiny? Yet when the 45th President does absolutely nothing wrong, he gets impeached.

We are living through very important historical times right now, and the stakes are higher than they have ever been. For the first time in this nation’s history, the US House of Representatives has voted to impeach a president without any crime to point to. Moreover, for the first time in this nation’s history, evidence of a four year long coup d’etat attempt against him has emerged.

President Donald J. Trump as Batman
President Trump as Batman

Perhaps you couldn’t care less, and that’s totally fine, as it is your prerogative in a free society. However it is important to understand that this nation may never be the same from here on out. A precedent has been established that could wreck the Constitution in the future. Mark my words… when we lose our Constitution; our rule of law and equal justice, our nation is lost. When we lose our nation, we stand at the precipice of devolution into a chaotic, oppressed, impoverished, and quite helpless people. In other words, this will eventually influence your own personal lifestyle.

Just ask the Venezuelans, a people who once lived in the richest, most prosperous, and successful country in Latin America. Today many of them are dumpster diving for food. Others are storming pastures in large groups to beat cows to death and subsequently eat their fur, skin, and raw bloody meat.

Nadler and Trump
[L-R] Nadler, Trump

The road to despotism is paved in undermining the will of the people by impeaching a duly elected president who is guilty of no crimes. From here on out sham impeachments can happen to any president, thus destroying the value of democracy. It’s always a possibility that we get to a point in the future where we no longer choose our leaders. We are damn lucky there aren’t 67 senators who would vote to remove the president today. Just imagine: 18 more democrats or spineless republicans in the Senate, and Trump is made to leave office. One day such a scenario may exist, and this is why partisan impeachment is so scary. With this impeachment, this nation will take a step closer to tyranny. Today 20 persons stand between democracy and tyranny. Tomorrow it’s 0. Is that what we want; a mob full of unprincipled leftist lawmakers and unelected government employees making the decision as to who heads up the Executive Branch? If you don’t want it, then for God’s sake, do something! Get the truth out! Convince everyone you can to stop believing the lies of the feckless unethical mainstream media and loathsome politicians like Jerry Nadler the Penguin. Fight for what you believe!

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