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Nancy Pelosi’s Ashes? 🧐

Nancy Pelosi’s Ashes | Victor Takacs

Now that is a sight to see. Before I knew Nancy Pelosi was Catholic, I couldn’t imagine the woman having a religious bone in her body. People make mistakes, for we are all human, but this woman takes the cake. I have never in my life come across someone so stricken with hate and anger as she. Her disdain for the President of the United States is so massive that it consumes her and blunts her ability to do any work for the American people. The most disgusting thing about it all is that she lies profusely in an attempt to smear Mr. Trump. Nancy Pelosi’s ashes are symbolic of her attendance at a Catholic Ash Wednesday service, those ashes contradict her actions. Just one example of the Speaker’s hate is the politicization of the Coronavirus. She’ll blame anything on the President for her own cheap political gain.

Nancy Pelosi's Ashes?
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi

After the democrat presidential debate on February 26th, Nancy Pelosi decided she would adopt hateful talking points from Biden and Bloomberg. They had falsely claimed that the Trump Administration had been woefully inadequate in its preparedness for the Coronavirus. Even the AP issued a fact check on the matter.

Support for Abortion

Nancy Pelosi got ashes? How could a relatively religious woman use false talking points in an effort to smear another human being? For that matter, how could she authorize impeachment proceedings that were highly partisan and without merit? How can she favor the slaughter of innocent babies in the womb on a daily basis? Pelosi is a fraud just like everyone else in the democrat party. They feign a different outward appearance to disguise their inner evil. Nancy Pelosi’s ashes are a perfect example.

We have stumbled into the darkness of a new reality in recent decades. Political correctness has stymied free speech that is meant to push back on an ever-increasingly decrepit popular culture. We have watched as the American family has been trashed and destroyed with impunity. From sea to shining sea we’ve seen liberals grow the government, swell the national debt, and lay claim to more control over our people. They have done it via legal and institutionalized monetary bribery.

Never forget that the democrat party depends on failure. The more people there are who struggle from a socioeconomic perspective, the more apt they are to depend on social welfare programs and the government as a whole. This is exactly why they want open borders. Illegal immigrants who have little option but to depend on our federal bureaucracy for help are potential votes. Now how could a good little democrat let that go to waste.

The Left and the Cycle of Dependence

The cycle of dependence on government is one that can be passed on from one generation to the next. Dependency can often be the product of being rewarded for bad deeds. Without proper familial resources at hand, some become use to engaging in sociologically damaging behavior that seems to be rewarded via the social welfare system. Many democrats fail to see the damage to personal and familial liberty that can be created by these circumstances. You are not allowed to raise questions about any of these things, because it is not politically correct.

Isn’t it funny that they claim to be the party of openness and tolerance, but they will not tolerate criticism of their government programs, etc.? Moreover they make conservatives out to be the enemy, because conservatives, they say, are intolerant of their agenda. The only thing conservatives are intolerant of is the use of hard earned taxpayer money for wasteful spending.

According the US Constitution, the House of Representatives is responsible for legislation having to do with government spending. It’s high time Nancy Pelosi and her cronies are held accountable for their reckless spending, lying ways, and total disregard for ethics.

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