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88 Days too Late

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88 Days too Late | Victor Takacs

Nolte: America Assaulted for 88 Days, and Joe Biden Said Nothing — He Believes She Had It Coming

While America was violently assaulted, Joe Biden remained silent for 88 days because he believes the racist bitch had it coming.

by John Nolte, Breitbart News

Picked up my concealed carry permit this week. I carry a gun now. Me. Had you told me last year that this year I’d carry a gun, alarm my home, and stash firearms (with more on order) all over the house, I would have laughed in your face.

I don’t like guns. Never have. Big believer in the Second Amendment, yessir. Just not a gun guy in the same way I’m not a car guy.

Bought a 9MM thirty years ago. Figured that was all I’d ever need. Kept it under the bed. Now there’s a gun and boxes of ammo in most every room. Not gunna tell you which rooms. Let me put it this way: even if my pants are down, you still won’t catch me.

What’s happening in our country is no joke.

This is not a drill.

And yet…

It’s not the domestic terrorists in Black Lives Matter and Antifa who worry me. The masked thugs, the marauders, the violent revolutionaries, the gangsters, the assholes with the guillotines… They don’t worry me.

Our country’s seen plenty of rioting.

Violence in the streets is as old as our republic. In a country of 330 million, things happen. Nothing new about any of that. You can’t wet your pants over human nature.

No, what worries is that it took Joe Biden, the leader of one of this great country’s two major political parties, 88 days to condemn the violence.

Eighty-eight. 88. 88 days too late.

In my lifetime, in your lifetime, in the lifetime of anyone alive today, this is unprecedented. It should put a chill up your spine and a gun in every one of your own rooms.

Dozens of cities burned. Dozens. Dozens of people died. Dozens. Countless numbers of small businesses burned to the ground. Countless numbers of innocent people assaulted. Countless numbers of police officers attacked. American streets rang with violence and looting and marauding, and…

The man who wants to be our president said nothing.

Violence raged for 88 days before Joe Biden finally emerged from his Delaware bunker and said it was wrong.

That is, without question, the greatest moral failing of my lifetime.

Even Neville Chamberlain condemned the invasion of Poland.

Biden said nothing.

88 Days too Late
The Free State of V Podcast

For 88 days, the leader of one of our two major political parties said nothing.

This is unprecedented.

It doesn’t feel unprecedented because ever since the George Zimmerman Hoax, Democrats and the political media have been slow-boiling the normalization of political violence, have been getting us used to domestic terrorism.

After the Zimmerman Hoax, the slow boil moved to the “mostly peaceful” riots in Baltimore and Ferguson. Then came the “mostly peaceful” and — according to CNNLOL — the “right” and “peaceful” and “moral” Antifa.

Well, look at us now.

Look at Joe Biden now. Sitting in his basement waiting to become president and saying nothing as his country burns.

The same people burning our cities tell us silence is complicity…

Well, the leader of one of America’s two major political parties said nothing as violence broke out in Los Angeles; Minneapolis; Fayetteville; Atlanta; New York; Nashville; Seattle; Portland; Philadelphia; Chicago; Milwaukee; Salt Lake; Washington, DC; Detroit; Indianapolis; San Francisco; Kansas City; Houston; Charlotte; Cleveland; Pittsburgh; Denver; Dallas; Phoenix; Tampa; Baltimore; Oakland; and Louisville broke out into violence… And now, in a little place called Kenosha.

That’s not exactly fair.

Biden did say stuff. All kinds of stuff that justified and encouraged the violence. He applauded terrorists as “protesters” and assured them their future president stood with them and against law and order.

Even as people of every color and background guilty of nothing more than opening a small business lost everything, Joe Biden sided with, championed, and encouraged those who took that everything. For him, it’s 88 Days too late.

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