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ANTIFA Man Killed Trump Supporter

ANTIFA Man Killed Trump Supporter | Victor Takacs

The Trump supporter who was murdered in Portland on Saturday is reported to be Aaron “Jay” Danielson. His suspected assailant, Michael Forest Reinoehl, is now under investigation. According to Joel B. Pollack of Breitbart News, Reinoehl has described himself on social media as being “100% ANTIFA” and a staunch supporter of the Marxist Black Lives Matter Movement. According to the Oregonian, Reinoehl was arrested by Portland Police on July 5, 2020.

ANTIFA Man Killed Trump Supporter
Portland Police Bureau

Specifically, they said:

A 48-year-old man who was accused of carrying a loaded gun at an earlier downtown Portland protest is under investigation in the fatal shooting Saturday night of a right-wing demonstrator after a pro-Trump rally.

Michael Forest Reinoehl calls himself an anti-fascist and has posted videos and photos of demonstrations he attended since late June, accompanied by the hashtags #blacklivesmatter, #anewnation and #breonnataylor.

On July 5 at one of the demonstrations, Reinoehl was cited at 2:10 a.m. in the 700 block of Southwest Main Street on allegations of possessing a loaded gun in a public place, resisting arrest and interfering with police.

He was given a date to appear in court later that month, but the allegations were dropped on July 30 with a “no complaint,” according to court records. The documents don’t indicate why prosecutors decided not to pursue the accusations. Reinoehl spent no time behind bars.

The Scene in and Around Portland Before Shooting

The following is a press release issued by the Portland Police Bureau after the July 4th/July 5th riot that ultimately resulted in Reinoehl’s arrest:

At 10:48 p.m. [July 4], demonstrators continued launching fireworks and projectiles at the Federal Courthouse. Because of this, several windows were broken and fireworks and projectiles entered the Federal Courthouse building.

To protect the life and safety of personnel both inside and outside of the Federal Court House, just after 11 p.m., a riot was declared. Officers began dispersing the crowd moving demonstrators from the closed area of Southwest Broadway to Southwest 1st Avenue, Southwest Columbia to Southwest Yamhill Street.

As officers dispersed the crowd, demonstrators threw bricks, mortars, M-80s, and other flammables towards them. To defend themselves from serious injury, officers used crowd control munitions and tear gas at this time. Lasers were directed at Officer’s eyes, which is unlawful. Despite having moved from the closed area, demonstrators began to trickle back to Southwest 3rd Avenue, starting a large bonfire in the middle of Southwest 3rd Avenue and Southwest Main Street 1 a.m.

During the dispersal, numerous business windows were shattered by members of the crowd. Officers made several arrests, including one at Southwest Main Street and Broadway where a male fought with officers. Officers were able to get him in custody and recovered an illegally possessed loaded firearm and a knife.

ANTIFA Man Killed Trump Supporter
ANTIFA Man Killed Trump Supporter

For over 90 days now, the streets of downtown Portland have been mired in riotous mayhem. On a nightly basis, anarchists associated with ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter have taken to the streets there to make their voices heard and to make their violence felt. Things do not need to turn out this way, but they do. The problem herein is the fact that local governments have been complicit in this violence via their refusal not to charge some of these agitators. When that happens, unfortunate consequences such as homicide can rear their ugly heads. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Mr. Danielson at this time.

If this continues, it will not be the only time an ANTIFA man killed a Trump supporter. It’s imperative that this not be allowed to happen again.

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