Stanley Kubrick Directed & Filmed Apollo 11 Fake Moon Landing

“CUT!” Check out this Footage of the Fake Moon Landing

Famed Director Stanley Kubrick on Moon Landing Hoax

Scenes from Fake Moon Landing (VIDEO 1)
Scenes from Fake Moon Landing (VIDEO 2)

Buzz Aldrin Admits Apollo 11 Never went to Moon

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin


Apollo 11 Fake Moon Landing | Victor Takacs

It’s 1969 and Tricky Dick is the President of the United States. I Heard it Through the Grapevine is the number one song in America and Elvis has just released his smash hit Suspicious Minds. The Chevy Camaro is the coolest car on planet Earth. Burger Chef is cranking out hamburgers and shakes that’ll make a grown man cry. Barbershops and beauty parlors in every corner of this great nation are shaping up beehives, mop-tops, bobs, and pageboys by the dozen. Our boys are dying by the thousands at the hands of the NVA and Vietcong on the other side of the world. Led Zeppelin is born. Broadway Joe Namath sits atop the football world and the Boeing 747 takes its first flight. Sirhan Sirhan admits to killing Robert F. Kennedy, and James Earl Ray pleads guilty to assassinating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Both were CIA operatives. John Lennon and Yoko Ono are married. UCLA wins its third NCAA basketball championship in a row. Dr. Denton Cooley implants the first temporary artificial heart. The Montreal Expos become Major League Baseball’s first team to represent a city outside of the United States. Robert R. succumbs to Pneumonia and dies at the young age of 16. In the late 1980s, his condition is identified as one of the earliest confirmed cases of HIV/AIDS in North America. The LGBT rights movement is born. Tragically Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones drowns in a swimming pool. The Zodiac Killer arrives on scene to terrorize the state of California. Senator Edward “Ted” Kennedy (D-MA) drives off a bridge into a ravine on his way home from a party killing his passenger, Mary Jo Kopechne. The Beatles take a famous photo on Abbey Road. Sharon Tate and friends are brutally murdered by crazed Manson family followers. The Woodstock Festival in White Lake, New York showcases some of the top rock musicians of all time. Category five Hurricane Camille slams the coast of Mississippi causing $1.5 billion in damage. Long John Silvers is created. Ho Chi Minh dies. Scooby Doo debuts. John Lennon quits the Beatles, and Willie Mays reaches the 600 career home run milestone. China carries out an underground nuclear bomb test. The Brady Bunch airs for the first time. The New York Mets sit atop the baseball world. Walmart becomes incorporated. Big Bird and Sesame Street burst onto the children’s TV programming scene. The Texas Longhorns defeat Notre Dame in the Cotton Bowl to claim the NCAA Football National Championship.

Apollo 11 Moon Landing
37th President of the United States Richard Nixon
Apollo 11 Moon Landing
Astronaut Neil Armstrong: Filmed Somewhere on Earth

Oh, and we never actually landed on the moon! Yep. It was bullshit. America! On July 20th at 9:56 PM Central Time, the fake Apollo 11 moon landing becomes man’s greatest exploration achievement hoax to date. The lunar module containing astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin never really touches down anywhere even close to the lunar surface. Armstrong exits the module and officially becomes the first man to fake a walk on the moon in front of a world audience. He proudly implants the American flag in fake lunar soil here on Earth, thus instantly breaking poor Commie Soviet hearts everywhere. Where were you when we never landed on the moon?

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  1. But you taught us that it did happen, didn’t you? On July 16, 1969 at 13:32:00, SA-506 sent three men hurtling into space with the equivalent of 160 million horsepower. And shame on you for using something out of context. A teacher should know better than to do that.

    • Yes. I did teach that it did happen, but that was before I knew the truth. We shall all be learning very soon about the revised fake history that we’ve been exposed to. BLESSINGS!

  2. Have we ever landed on the Moon? Is there proof that the Moon Landing was a fake? What about the Movie Hidden Figures. Is that all fake too?

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