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The Squad

PODCAST | The Squad | Victor Takacs

Four radical leftist congresswomen have one hell of a chip on each of their shoulders. Hard-nosed, impolite, and confrontational, all of these women have been conditioned and taught that the United States is due for a reckoning. In their minds that reckoning is in part their responsibility to initiate. They know America is the greatest nation on Earth, but they believe that its prosperity and power have come at a price. That price, in their minds, has been the exploitation of women, minorities, and Muslims at the hands of the American white man. A debt is owed them for this exploitation. Working in the white man’s corporate hell is not an option, hence socialism. Only the government can stop this ongoing assault by the white man through a total redistribution of wealth, guaranteed government jobs, etc. President Trump embodies their enemy in a most perfect fashion. The scariest thing about these congresswomen is that they will stop at nothing to fulfill their goals, even if it means lying and engaging in campaigns of deceit. Together, they are the Squad.


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