He was Brutalized, Humiliated & Murdered so that we Might Live Forever


For this is how God loved the world: he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life. For God sent his Son into the world not to judge the world, but so that through him the world might be saved. No one who believes in him will be judged; but whoever does not believe is judged already, because that person does not believe in the Name of God’s only Son. And the judgement is this: though the light has come into the world people have preferred darkness to the light because their deeds were evil. And indeed, everybody who does wrong hates the light and avoids it, to prevent his actions from being shown up but whoever does the truth comes out into the light, so that what he is doing may plainly appear as done in God.

JOHN 3:16-20



He was Brutalized, Humiliated & Murdered so that we Might Live Forever

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  1. Jesus Christ’s knowledge was gained from the teachings of Zoroaster. Sketch of his life.

    We are happy indeed to continue our subject relating to the personality known as Christ Jesus. As the horoscopal figure shows, this is not a common individuality; infact, it is a very extraordinary one from an astrological standpoint. As shown by the ninth house, the desire from the first was to gain knowledge through the peculiarly religious inclination of Saturn and Uranian character, while the aspect of Mars to these planets and the Sun, shows the courage to face opposition. This personality would be found, as a child, talking with, and teaching the country peasants, through the inspiration powers with which he was possessed.His facility in perception was keen and retentive, and we learn of him as a child of twelve in converse with the wisemen of that time,when the journey had, been made to the city of Jerusalem. From here we trace him to Syria for the purpose of gaining wisdom, and finally into the land of Egypt, where the founder of the Magi, Zoroaster called by some, had learned, through Daniel, the mysteries of astrology. At that time, which was about five hundred and fifty years before Christ’s time, Astronomy and Astrology were considered as the same. It was Zoroaster who compiled the Zend Avesta, or Magian Bible, and also devised the Magia, Mithraic, Zodiacal tablets. It was from this book that Christ gleaned much knowledge, and it impelled him onward to seek for more light in the land where the sciences were studied with greater accuracy. About twenty-five years was spent in gleaning knowledge from this source, and in order to give you a better idea of the true conditions, it will be well to go back to the time of Zoroaster and give a sketch of this personage.
    The true name of Zoroaster was Zerothoschtro, a Zind word. He was a contemporary, in Medea, of Daniel, afterwards known as a reformer of Israel, known by some as the Israelite Buddha. It was he who made the prophecy of the coming of Christ to Israel from the Star of Bethlehem, of which we have learned in previous writings through Tycho Brahe, and in the gospel of the infancy we learn more of the subject of Astrology, as known and practiced at that time; for it was upon this subject that Christ confounded the wisemen in the temple of learning at Jerusalem. His knowledge of the heavenly spheres, their triangular, sextile and square aspects, their progressive and retrograd emotions, their size and prognostications, as well as the signs shown in the Sun, Moon and Stars. The Greeks made Zoroaster from Zerothoschtro, by removing the tro, as the r had been cut off in the Pehlor and the Parsee, while in Hebrew we have Schouroaster composed of Schour and setareh. But there is little gained in interpreting Hebrew, for a name whose origin is in the ancient Zend, and while he was known far and wide as a celebrated astronomer and astrologer, his chief characteristic was as a reformer in religion of the Zend. His name is composed of Zere and Thaschtro, the name of a star, the elogy of which is found in one of the reschts or prayers given by Zoroaster. The word Zere signifies gold or the color of gold, the name interpreted, star of gold. Zoroaster, as we call the name, was born at Umri, a city of Aderbedjan, just five hundred and fifty years prior to Jesus Christ’s birth; though as to his birth place there is a great diversity of opinion, as also to the different names given to him in modern times. But Zoroaster was a Hebrew, and belonged to the ten captive tribes in Medea, where he served and learned with Daniel, and he has been confounded with Daniel. This is a mistake. The ancient kings of Persia were among his ancestors, his father being Poroschasp, through fifteen ancestors to Feridoun.

    Pherecydes, Confucius, Zoroaster, all taught immortality.

    We will continue with our subject. The empire of the ancestors of Zoroaster was fixed in Aderbedjan, where Umri is situated. Dogdo, the mother of Zoroaster and daughter of Frahernerer, issued also from the royal race. The Zend books mention the fact that Zoroaster smiled at his birth, which presaged are markable and grand career. From that circumstance he was called Sapetme Zerothoschtro, that is Sapetman Zoroaster, meaning excellent Zoroaster. At this period the laws of Menes were scarcely known outside of Africa. Greece was full of sages, who disputed among themselves on the physical principles of the universe; the Roman empire was still in its infancy; Persia had substituted the worship of the stars, etc., for that of the Creator, confounding the attributes of the author of good with those of evil genii, and for five hundred years, a few sages excepted, India was given up to the doctrines of Fo. China had lost the form of good government and disdained the sages who endeavored to enlighten her; in fine, the prophets of Israel were about to cease and the Jews seemed to adore, by preference, foreign divinities. At this time there appeared on earth three men who absolutely changed the face of human thought and religious observance. Pherecydes, the Syrian philosopher, master of Pythagoras, instructed in the books of the Phoenicians, who wrote on nature and the gods, was the first to teach the immortality of the soul, and originated the Greek philosophy, which soon spread over Egypt and the Roman Empire, and prepared the way for the evangelists. Then Confucius in Chinare-established the purity of morals, simplified the worship of the First Great Cause, and still remains the oracle of more than seven hundred leagues of country. Then Zoroaster made known to Persia the time without bounds, the eternal and the secondary principles, to which The First Cause has remitted the government of the universe. He announced the immortality of the soul,the resurrection of the body, and explained the cause of good and evil, in developing that of the overthrow which appeared in nature. He perpetuated, by an exterior law of religious worship, the truths which he pronounced in his own country. His laws were revealed from the Euphrates to the Indus, and the Brahman Tehengreghatcha, the second of his disciples, spread them to the extremes of India. Zoroaster of ten consulted Ormusd on the mountains, according to Parsee records, and also asserted in the time of Dion Chrystonius, that by a principle of love, of wisdom and justice, this legislator had removed from among his fellow men and lived alone on a mountain. He there consecrated a cave to Mithra, the king and father of all that exists. He lived as a recluse, and gave himself up to prayer and meditation.
    Ararat, Moriah, Horeb, Sinai, Hor, Pisgah, Carmel and Hermon were all sanctified by the special meeting of the prophets with the Almighty on their summits, according to the history of Moses, Noah, Abraham, Daniel and Elijah. Many of Christ’s most solemn acts were performed in the vicinity of, or upon, mountains, no doubt receiving his inspiration more vividly from those who had passed on to another expression of life, and who had been so closely associated with these mountains when in the earth form. Mountains and stars are closely associated in religion. From the beginning Mithra was the Persian name for the Sun. Mithraic caves have been found in various places, decorated with Magian Zodiacal tablets.
    We will say a word relative to our friend and brother Cecco Dascoli, or as he was better known Francesco Stabili. He was widely known as the most famous astrologer of the thirteenth century, and was cruelly burned at the stake by the inquisition in one thousand three hundred and twenty-seven, a martyr to the truth which he had thoroughly demonstrated, having predicted the death of certain royal personages who were enemies to science. The ignorance displayed is difficult to understand in the face of truth; but we see how the priests had revised the ancient books of Zoroaster and the Chaldeans, for they had obtained these books, and not understanding the full significance, and knowing little of the science, they took the opportunity to create a religion whose basic principle was the ignorance of the people. This gave the power of the State fully into the hands of the Church, and we could expect nothing less than cruelty from such enemies of progress. These books were written about two hundred and sixty years after the supposed crucifixion of Christ; for we know that he was not crucified, but after seeking learning in other countries for nearly twenty-five years, here turned to his native country to expound the truth as interpreted through his organism. Naturally finding his own country men ignorant and materialistic in the conception of spiritual things, after an effort to teach among the higher classes, he retired to the lowest type to be found, and sought to teach them in a simple way, in which we find he was most successful. He was at this time about thirty- seven years of age, and in many different lessons he taught through the wisdom of the stars, though in a way that the simple, uneducated people would understand. We find him choosing twelve disciples, having in mind the twelve tribes of Israel as represented by the twelve signs of the Zodiac, and in many ways we see their natures compared very favorably to the twelve tribes of Israel. Many modern investigators make an error in connecting England with the lost tribes of Israel, on the hypothesis that Aries, the ruling sign of England, also ruled Judea. The facts are that the twelve tribes were scattered all over the earth, and became intermingled with other races of mankind, as foretold by Daniel in his prophecies concerning Israel. We often find Christ carrying out the Saturn principle, for instance, in his journey to Jerusalem on an ass, which animal is ruled by that planet, as was generally known at that time, and when the rulers arose against Christ Jesus and persecuted him, he fled from his country and again went to Syria. Thus he went from country to country, inoculating his ideas wherever he could find followers, and at the age of sixty again returned to his own country and dwelt in the mountains, living the life of a recluse, and occasionally going out among his fellow men to teach those who might give ear to him. He left the natural form in his seventy-second year. You will notice the Sun had progressed into Pisces, square to Saturn and Urania from Gemini, as well as other configurations which occurred at that time. Thus we find the true conditions relating to this personality, and around him has been woven such vast misconception that it is, in truth, a grievance to him to know that mankind have such false ideas of him. Let us pray that all may learn the truth and know him as he was, a highly spiritual minded man.

    • He Yeshua, is our Savior, son on Yahweh-he died on the cross, rose and lives.
      Accept Him in your heart, confess with your mouth and you shall go to heaven.

      Any other teaching, no matter the big words or embellished confusing story is false prophecy and is antichrist = against Christ.
      Don’t let the devil trick you into some wild story of confusion.

      It’s simple. Yeshua makes it simple.

      ( Yeshua is His name because the name Jesus was a wrong translation of His real name and referenced Zeus )

      Time is short. You are responsible until you know. Now you do. You have a choice.
      Experience love and freedom like never before. It’s no accident I saw this and am responding. Yahweh loves you very much and wants you to understand truth. Blessings

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