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Socialist Dorks of America Convention

Socialist Dorks of America Convention | Victor Takacs

Unfortunately this is not fake. It is as real as the air you breathe. In all fairness it is not called the Socialist Dorks of America Convention. Therefore at the urging of a guilty conscience, I apologize to every real American dork out there. I was wrong in comparing you to these whackos. They call themselves Socialists, and so it’s extremely apparent that you (the real American dorks) possess a hell of a lot more brain power than they do.

This is bizarre footage of the most recent American Democrat Socialist Convention that was held this past weekend in Atlanta, GA. It’s hard to believe that there actually exists a small group of people who gather at conventions like this, today in this country. Perhaps they never received the memo that socialism has failed in every single situation it has been used as a political system. Did they get the memo that the communist parties in both China and Vietnam have been able to stay in power only because of the opening up of their economies to free markets? It appears that they did not. People this stupid are not necessarily born this way. It’s obvious they spent their formative years not receiving an adequate education and didn’t learn a whole lot at all about past socialist civilizations crashing and burning.

So while the border hemorrhages, innocent lives are taken daily via abortion, fake investigations of the President are run on partisan fuel, and government budgetary caps are blown off to increase spending, there they are. Their concerns are about using gender specific language, etc. Is this a joke? Don’t get me wrong, it’s hilarious, but it’s hard to believe that it’s real. These morons are embarrassing the United States in all that they do.

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