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Vindman Calls Eric Ciaramella

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Vindman Calls Eric Ciaramella | PODCAST | Victor Takacs

Idiotic democrats have made massive political miscalculations as of late. Choosing to go forward with impeachment just so happens to be one of many of those particular miscalculations. Not only did they drag the nation through an extremely partisan impeachment saga, but they helped elevate the approval rating of President Trump. Unhinged and quite psychotic, their rage toward the President is no match for the political cunning of The Donald. They will come to regret their actions and decisions as time passes. Moreover the cooperation between Adam Schiff (D-CA), his staffers Sean Misko and Abigail Grace, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, and the Fake Whistleblower, Eric Ciaramella will be discovered. It’s only a matter of time. For now, enjoy the phone call: “Vindman Calls Eric Ciaramella.” You will not be disappointed!

Un-American & Unprecedented 

Now on the back end of this impeachment disgrace, I share a newfound fear alongside millions of other Americans. The key question here is one many are asking. Is justice being turned on its head in this country? I could have never anticipated the prospect of putting the President of the United States on trial for something so insanely psychotic as this uneventful phone call with the president of Ukraine. Apparently every democrat in the Senate and almost every democrat in the House now thinks he/she can read minds.

Now why do I say that? In the United States of America, if this really is still the United States of America, one need not look past the phone transcript to exonerate the president. In the former Soviet Union, prosecutions were often devoid of substantial evidentiary support. Furthermore, Communist Party attorneys built their cases on hearsay and supposed criminal intent. This is exactly what democrats did to President Trump. They made an attempt to look past the transcript to try and convict the president. In that vein, they literally made an effort to prove criminal intent by surmising that Trump’s thoughts during his phone call with Ukraine President Zelensky constituted an abuse of power. That’s right; his thoughts! In conclusion, God forbid this become the standard in this country.

On a lighter note, enjoy the satirical portion of the podcast when “Vindman calls Eric Ciaramella.”

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