Will Democrats Pack the Supreme Court?2020 Election

Will Democrats Pack the Supreme Court?

Will Democrats Pack the Supreme Court? | Victor Takacs

This is definitely a question I would have been reluctant to answer a couple of months ago. However, at this time, I am about 99% sure that given the opportunity to do so, yes, the democrats would indeed pack the Supreme Court. I am more certain now of their predilection for doing so than I have been in the past. Neither Joe Biden nor Kamala Harris will come clean on this issue. When asked if they have designs on court packing, their response is that they will reveal their answer after the election. This is similar to the often illogical Nancy Pelosi on the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). She once said, “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.”

The Cart or the Horse

Someone somewhere at some time once offered some sage advice: “Don’t put the cart before the horse.” Both Biden and Pelosi have either never heard that pun or forgot about it in their senile states of mind.

Biden and Harris’ responses to questions about court packing literally put the cart before the horse. In other words, their responses are completely illogical. Biden knows that if he were to answer in the affirmative to court packing, he could do massive damage to his base. Therefore, he kicks the can down the road. If he has no intention of packing the court then he should say so, but he won’t. Biden’s denial of he and his campaign’s concealed court packing scheme could quite possibly alienate the Bernie Sanders Communists whose support he needs to hang onto as well. It appears he is content with running a campaign that has him talking out of both sides of his mouth.

This is the same stunt he is trying to pull with fracking. One day he’s for fracking and the next he is not. A flip-flopper worse than the Democrat nominee for president in 2004, John Kerry, Biden “steps in it” all the time. Since we don’t have a real media in this country, he gets away with it. It’s doubtful he gets away with it at the polls on November 3rd.

What is Court Packing?

NOTE: The nomination and confirmation process that replaces a deceased Supreme Court justice is NOT court packing. Despite the media and the Democrats’ best efforts to insult the intelligence of the American people, a president has a constitutional duty to fill vacant seats on the Supreme Court.

Article 3 of the US Constitution establishes the Federal Judiciary with a makeup consisting of a Supreme Court at the top . Congress has the power to create positions for judges/justices, and the President has the power to nominate people for those positions. There have been nine justices on the US Supreme Court since 1869. Any increase in the number of seats on the bench for any court is known as packing. Legislation from Congress that increases the number of seats on the Supreme Court or any other federal court, if passed and signed into law by the President, is constitutional. However, court packing, especially at the Supreme Court level, would be a terrible thing for our country. It would be nothing more than a power grab executed by a particular political party to ensure their partisan agenda is protected.

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