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How do you Know if You’re a Democrat?

How do you Know if You’re a Democrat? | Victor Takacs

Perhaps you are a Democrat if you obsess over identity politics, which may cause you to lose your mind when you come across a conservative African American, Latino/Latina, etc. Why does this happen? Well maybe it’s because you take them for granted as sizable voting blocks for your party. Therefore when they no longer subscribe to your belief that the all powerful government will create the Socialist Nirvana people can only dream of or become part of when they die (Heaven), you become frustrated beyond belief. To you, as a democrat, you cannot understand. These people would never leave the Democrat Party you thought. They belong to us; we’re the ones who selflessly help them. The alternative political party (Republicans) will do nothing for them. This is not true. Republicans and conservatives as a whole offer less government and thus more individual liberty. The bigger the government, the smaller amount of individual liberty enjoyed by the people of a nation.

It’s really a shock to you as a democrat, that people can actually think for themselves. Mindless classifications, stereotypes, and the categorizations of people are obsessions of the left, not the right. What democrats do not understand fully is that we live in a broken and imperfect world. The idea that we can reshape civilization via socioeconomic equity through redistribution of wealth is a farce. We can save equity for eternal life in Paradise where all is perfect and equal. Here, on this imperfect Earth as we know it, total human equity is impossible.

This by no means does not mean we are not called to help the least of our brothers and sisters through charity, and more specifically monetary donations; donations unto those who need it more than we do. Democrats pride themselves on being compassionate and caring, but how is that the case? Anyone can take other people’s hard earned money (the money of the American taxpayer) and redistribute it according to his/her social welfare program preferences. That’s not selfless. It’s theft. People must pay taxes to the government of a nation, because the reality is that a nation’s infrastructure has been created by that nation’s government for the benefit of society as a whole.

However when the American government has run up the largest debt in the history of human civilization, we are playing with fire. We are currently at just over $22 trillion in the red and are continuing to run annual deficits on unbalanced budgets. Major non-discretionary social welfare programs such as social security, Medicaid, and Medicare are broke. There are so many Americans who could use the programs already in place, but they’ve failed to get online and complete the necessary steps for the acquisition of benefits from already existing programs. What’s the solution to this problem for the democrats? They just create another system that triggers the same problems; thus the vicious cycle of more social welfare programs, more spending, and the same or even worse results.

For many, the history of the Democrat Party is unknown. The truth is that they are the party of the Trail of Tears, African American slavery, the end of Reconstruction, Jim Crow Laws, the jailing of suffragettes, Japanese-American internment camps, the Vietnam War, Chappaquiddick, long gas lines, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, private servers for emailing classified information as a “pay for play scheme” to bring in more revenue for your foundation, the Iran Nuclear Deal, Uranium 1, infanticide, socialism, open borders, and of course, the $30,000,000 two year Russia Investigation that was a hoax. What an absolutely pathetic record. Here you are wanting 16 year olds, felons behind bars, illegal immigrants, and dead people to vote, because you realize that your lies have caught up to you. You can no longer convince people to vote for your party, because it is so radical.

As more people join the Conservative Movement, the ideals enshrined in the Constitution become more meaningful.

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