Roger Stone Russian Vodka Video

Roger Stone Russian Vodka Video
Roger Stone

Roger Stone Russian Vodka Video | Beth Tacerly

Firstly, this is an interesting video to say the least. Secondly, it was obviously a short skit he had someone film, and it appears to have been filmed a little over a year ago. Roger Stone is known for his clownish behavior. However, say what you will about the man, but I do believe he is more intelligent than what he gets credit for. After all, were he not, he would not have worked for three major presidential campaigns (Nixon, Reagan, and Trump). Regardless, this is a man who does deserve prison time, because he lied before Congress. However, the context here is important.

Stone: “Mueller, Arrest Me. Libtards!”

This Roger Stone Russian vodka video is a tale of two ironies. The first irony is that Roger Stone is indeed eventually arrested, because he is swept up in the Mueller Special Counsel Investigation. The second irony is his shot at Mueller and the former FBI director’s investigation. It’s almost as if he is mocking Mueller. These are the words from the mouth of Roger Stone: “Mueller, arrest me. Libtards!”

One thing we know that rings clear as a bell now is that the Mueller Investigation was a farce. It was definitely a hoax, and Roger Stone even recognized it as such in this video (Roger Stone Russian Vodka Video). If not for the Mueller probe, Roger Stone is never arrested. However, like so many others that got sucked up in the investigation, Roger Stone was charged for process crimes. He lied to a congressional committee. As a woman who believes wholeheartedly in the American justice system, I for one truly believe Stone does need to serve time in jail.

Andrew Weissmann

In other words, the problem with everything in this case is that it has been corrupted in the name of political bias. The two videos below prove a portion of this corruption. Roger Stone’s arrest in the early morning hours of January 25, 2019, was quite the event. FBI agents in tactical gear stormed his Florida home. This was an unnecessary use of force that was likely the idea of disgraced former US attorney, Andrew Weissmann, Mueller’s deputy. Dubbed “Mueller’s Pitbull” by the New York Times, Weissmann has a track record of using overt and unnecessary force against suspects. Could it be that Roger Stone got under the skin of Mueller and/or Weissmann with his Roger Stone Russian Vodka Video?

CNN – The Roger Stone Raid

Fox News – The Roger Stone Raid

Yes. If the agents in tactical gear wasn’t enough, CNN was on scene prior to Stone’s arrest, having been tipped off by the FBI.


Proof on Paper | Stone Attorney Letter to Congressional Chairpersons on CNN being Tipped Off

Roger Stone Russian Vodka Video
Roger Stone Russian Vodka Video
Roger Stone Russian Vodka Video

The Stone Case

In addition to the blatant FBI corruption pertinent to Stone’s arrest last January, Attorney General Bill Barr has now had to step in. Prosecutors on the case lied to the AG about the sentence they would be recommending for Stone. In the end, they recommended 7-9 years, which is ridiculous. A potential miscarriage of justice caused Barr to inject himself into the case.

Furthermore, it has become apparent that jury foreperson, former Memphis City Schools Board President Tomeka Hart is unworthy of serving on this case. Severe bias has corrupted her. Her radical social media posts show as much.

Add to that:

In addition, it was revealed that a defense request to strike a potential juror who was Obama-era press official with admitted anti-Trump views — and whose husband worked at the same Justice Department division that handled the probe leading to Stone’s arrest was denied by U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson. All these revelations raised the prospect that Stone’s team could again seek a new trial, especially if Hart provided inaccurate responses under oath on her pretrial questionnaires concerning social media activity.


…liberty and JUSTICE for ALL. I would ask the reprobate bastard attorneys calling for Barr to resign: “Have you lost your fucking minds? Does this look like true American justice to you?

Stone is not the only one being unjustly treated by Mueller’s henchmen. Next we shall spotlight the pathetic attempt to railroad Lt. General Michael Flynn.




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