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How to get a Skoal Ring

How to Install Dip Can Outline (Skoal Ring) in Back Pocket of Tight Jeans Without Having to Sit on Metal Can for 3 Years

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How to get a Skoal Ring | Victor Takacs

It’s all the rage right now. Men walking around with perfectly circular dip can outlines on the back pocket of their tight fittin jeans. Whether it be Copenhagen fine cut, Grizzly wintergreen, or Skoal apple; it has me wondering how long these fellas have had to sit on hard metal cans to get the imprint juuuuust right. How uncomfortable that must be! But these gents are true to the game and never waver in their undying pursuit of the perfect back pocket dip can circle. Well, I recently discovered that it’s all a lie…complete bullshit. Recently men have been cutting corners to save their tushie, and I’m here for it. After many long days spent researching at the local Cavender’s Boot City, I found out how they’re doing it! All yous got to do is follow these directions.

How to get a Skoal Ring : Just Follow These Directions

  • Buy a pair of tight fittin jeans
  • Buy you a can of yer favorite dippin tobbaca
  • Slide the can of dip in the back pocket of yer jeans (left side)
  • Get you an earwax removing stick (preferably Q-tip brand)
  • Dip the end of the earwax stick in a bucket of bleach
  • Trace the outline of the dip can with the earwax stick
  • Let dry for six hours
  • Boot
  • Scoot
  • Boogie
  • Get down
  • Turn around
  • Lastly, go to town

Gotta be bout the easiest thing to do since sliced bread. Even though the honky tonks and dance halls is dark, people gon see that ass circle; sumbitch glows in beer joints. Ya gotta have it. I cannot tell a lie. Tell your friends to stop on by this page if they interested in knowin’ how to get a Skoal ring.

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