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Hydroxychloroquine Works. Period.

Medication Causing Severe Psychosis

Hydroxychloroquine Works. Period. | Victor Takacs

Is Dr. Fauci Bipartisan or not? Is it Possible his Actions are Meant to Benefit the Democrats More than the Republicans?

Only Fauci can Definitively Answer these Questions, but these Emails from him to Hillary Clinton Surrogates are Indeed Telling.

Email 1 of 2

Email 2 of 2


Dr. Fauci has Worked for the Federal Government for a Long Time


Months ago, Dr. Stella Immanuel of Houston, TX, gave a compelling speech to a small crowd gathered on First St. in Washington DC. She touted the fantastic healing power of the combined therapeutic regimen of Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc and Azithromycin to “cure” Covid-19. At the bottom of the steps of the US Supreme Court Building, her and a number of other doctors took turns at the microphone delivering testimony defensive of “the cure.” I’m of the belief that labeling the combination of these three drugs a “cure” at this point is premature and over-exaggerated. However, it is important to keep in mind that Dr. Immanuel has been an eyewitness to hundreds of COVID-19 recoveries in recent months. Her optimism more than likely stems from the recent positive experiences she’s had with COVID-19 patients as of late.

Medication Causing Severe Psychosis
A Group of Doctors Spoke of Positive Results in the Utilization of 3 Therapeutic Drugs to battle COVID-19.
Medication Causing Severe Psychosis
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Media React Quickly

Great speech! There’s just one problem though. This woman has some extremely unorthodox beliefs. No person within the leftist mainstream media it seems has been more joyful or more excited to unearth these beliefs than Will Sommer at The Daily Beast. Hurriedly, he went into his Daily Beast mode and did what he had to do to shut this woman down. This medication is causing severe psychosis for many on the Left. This, ladies and gentlemen, is Mr. Sommer’s final written product on Dr. Immanuel in ALL of its glory:

Medication Causing Severe Psychosis

Psychosis has Set in

This medication is causing severe psychosis among those on the Left. Hydroxychloroquine is apparently their Kryptonite. Have you ever seen a prescription medication that’s been around for decades attract so much ire? The hatred for this drug is palpable. It’s honestly one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever seen in my life. Doctors have literally gone so far as to publish fake studies in order to make an effort to thoroughly discredit Hydroxychloroquine. Social media sites have done their very best to scrub any and all of the video footage of the doctors who just last week spoke highly of the medication’s ability to help COVID-19 patients fully recover.

Video Scrubbed from Our Social Media

Medication Causing Severe Psychosis
Medication Causing Severe Psychosis

One can only hope that the Left’s Hydroxychloroquine psychosis is not resultant of their obsessive hatred for President Trump. The President has touted the potential therapeutic success among COVID-19 patients who take this medicine. I fear that there is a concerted effort to destroy the drug to discredit him. The bigger tragedy here would be the weaponization of Hydroxychloroquine in an effort to tip the 2020 Election toward Biden. Can you imagine if the use of Hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin and Zinc were ultimately proven to be quite successful in aiding in the recovery of COVID-19 patients? That would be a major win for the President, and it would definitely help him in the 2020 Election. This is why I fear the Left is working overtime to trash Hydroxychloroquine. To be quite honest, after the Russia Hoax, the Mueller Cover-Up, the Fake Impeachment, the riots, etc., I wouldn’t put it past them. That is potentially a lot of blood on a lot of hands.

Putting it all Together

  • Does Hydroxychloroquine work when it’s taken to combat COVID-19? I think more and more evidence is in fact showing that it does work for many patients. However, I’ll admit that my opinion is far from being scientifically sound, especially since I am not a doctor.
  • Are some of Dr. Immanuel’s spiritual beliefs bizarre? Absolutely.
  • Does that effect my thinking on Hydroxychloroquine? Absolutely not.
  • Why? This woman’s crazy spiritual beliefs have nothing to do with the positive results she’s seen among those of her patients who have taken Hydroxychloroquine and have recovered from COVID-19. Her spiritual beliefs have nothing to do with the positive results other doctors have seen among patients with COVID-19 who take this drug as well.
  • All I’m asking for is additional testing and clinical trials to see if this medication makes a difference. I think it does, but the politicization of it makes it difficult for anyone to know for sure.
  • Speaking of spirituality, how about the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, former President Obama’s spiritual adviser and pastor? His spiritual beliefs are bizarre as well, but his videos remain on YouTube, while Dr. Immanuel’s have been purged from the site. Furthermore, his mentee was elected President of the United States twice.

The Rev. Jeremiah Wright

Surgisphere Studies on Hydroxychloroquine Treatments were Extremely Flawed.

Both Lancet & the New England Journal of Medicine have retracted them.

Medication Causing Severe Psychosis
Medication Causing Severe Psychosis
Dr. Sapan Sharankishor Desai, founder of Surgisphere, is responsible for the flawed Hydroxychloroquine Clinical Trials.  
Medication Causing Severe Psychosis

While Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. pull videos that show Hydroxychloroquine in a positive light, they leave ones like this one from CNN up.

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Medication Causing Severe Psychosis
Medication Causing Severe Psychosis
Medication Causing Severe Psychosis
Medication Causing Severe Psychosis
Medication Causing Severe Psychosis

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