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Reparations Debate

Reparations Debate
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Reparations Debate | Victor Takacs

The best solution is to cease discussion on the topic, not pay reparations, and move on. This is just another ploy by democrats to give more handouts for more votes. It is extremely disrespectful to the legacies of deceased African Americans who were once slaves in this country and who suffered the brutality of the lash and so much more. Democrats are using them for their own gain. Have you ever heard of something this stupid before? These jackasses in Washington want to pay large sums of money for victimization of people up until the year 1865. It doesn’t take a genius to figure it out, but anyone who was alive in 1865 is dead. African Americans who are alive today were never slaves. Whites who are alive today were never slave owners.

Reparations Debate
All Jim Crow laws were created by democrat politicians

No one deserves payment in recompense for a slave system they never knew. It’s just plain wrong. If anything, the Democrat National Committee should consider paying reparations. It was republicans who sacrificed life and limb to halt the barbaric system of slavery during the Civil War. Haven’t those families already given enough? Reparations would come from taxpayer money. Now come on. Is it at all fair to make the living families of Civil War vets who fought to end slavery pay into a system that essentially apologizes for slavery. Why would those families need to apologize for something their ancestors fought against?

Reparations Debate
Virginia Democrat Governor Ralph Northam Dressed up as a Klansman in the Past.
Today he advocates infanticide and abortion on demand. Democrats are the party of racism and murder.

The democrat party at the time did not fight against slavery. In fact they fought for it. Even after the Republicans disposed of this tyrannical system through self-sacrifice, democrats went off and founded the Ku Klux Klan. Moreover they put into place Jim Crow laws at the local and state level throughout the south. This is a political party that obsessed over brutalizing blacks for decades. When they could no longer have slaves, they literally created a domestic terror group as well as Jim Crow laws to be able to continue to subjugate African Americans. Talk about obsession that was purely evil. They need to pay for that.

Reparations Debate
Condoleezza Rice

Isn’t it amazing? Some things never change. The president is presently making them pay for their obsession with him. How proud I am to be a Republican, knowing full well that my party treats everyone as an equal and always has. No one deserves a free ride based on their race and/or ethnicity just the same as no one deserves to be subjugated based on their race and/or ethnicity. Democrats depend on failure and subjugation so that they can give handouts in exchange for votes. It’s why they want the borders wide open, and it’s why they are pushing for reparations. These people literally push an agenda, not with their own money, but with the money of the American taxpayer, to bribe people for votes. How disrespectful and racist!

Testimony on Reparations Before the Judiciary Committee of the US House of Representatives on June 19, 2019

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