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Showing Your True Colors

Showing Your True Colors

Showing Your True Colors | Victor Takacs

Remember that Leftists are typically guilty of what they accuse conservative Republicans of. That is their game, and they have no shame in playing it whatsoever. Trump winning their game over and over again has them angry and frustrated. Anger and frustration has caused them to do things that have destroyed their electability in 2020. Showing your true colors makes you a genuine person. So the question is: Will Liberals and Never Trumpers show their true colors…FINALLY? I doubt it, but I can help. These can get you started…

Showing Your True Colors #1

BULLSHIT: The Left claims Donald Trump violated federal statute and belongs in jail.

FACT: Many Leftists, including Hillary Clinton, are the ones who belong in jail for violating federal statute. Remember when she wiped her hard drive and took a hammer to her taxpayer funded government devices?

Showing Your True Colors #2

BULLSHIT: The Left claims Donald Trump colluded with Russia in an attempt to fix the Election of 2016.

FACT: The 22 month long Mueller Investigation found NO evidence of Trump-Russia collusion. Hillary Clinton and the DNC (Democrat National Committee) tried to fix the Election of 2016 by colluding with Fusion GPS, who in turn colluded with former British MI-6 agent Christopher Steele. Steele then colluded with Russians to compile a fake 35 page report known as the Dossier. It was used as the bulk of evidence in order to defraud a FISA court. Once defrauded, the court judges issued a warrant (later renewed by the court 3 times) that allowed the FBI to spy on the Trump Campaign, Transition, and Presidency. If you’re not convinced, just google “IG Report.”

Showing Your True Colors #3

BULLSHIT: The Left claims Trump called Ukrainian President Zelensky and offered him a quid pro quo. That supposed quid pro quo consisted of a Ukrainian investigation of Joe and Hunter Biden in exchange for US military aid.

FACT: Hunter Biden made $83,000 a month while on the board of Burisma, a Ukrainian natural gas company. His father, Joe Biden, who was vice president of the US at the time, offered a quid pro quo to Ukraine. The state prosecutor had begun investigating Burisma and Hunter Biden. During a visit to Ukraine, Joe Biden told the Ukrainian President to fire the state prosecutor or the US wouldn’t give him the $1 billion in aid it had promised.

Showing Your True Colors #4

BULLSHIT: Trump is so dumb.

FACT: The Left are so dumb. At every turn, Trump has symbolically been there to bitch slap them. In every single battle they have waged against him, he has beaten them. They tried to keep him from being president. They tried to keep him from building a wall. They tried to say he colluded with Russia. They tried to say he bribed Ukraine. They tried to impeach him. They tried to remove him from office. They claimed he would wreck the economy. And it goes on and on and on and on. They are the worst type of fraudulent liars this nation has ever seen. The most vile un-American filthy bastards since the Confederacy, they’ve done absolutely nothing in the Congress for the American people.

Trump Winning

For decades Leftists have defrauded the American people the same way they did the FISA Court. In fact, the Democrat Party is the party of bribery. If you’ll only vote for them, they’ll give you money, but it’s not their money to give away. How sick and pathetic these people are to breathlessly claim that they care more about the American people than Republicans do, just because of the money they give away. IT’S NOT THEIR DAMN MONEY! It’s the hard earned money of the American taxpayer. This just proves that they couldn’t care less about the hard working American taxpayer.

If Donald Trump is so bad and the leftist democrats so great, then what in the hell makes them so great? Are they great because the unethical, lying mainstream media tells you they are? It surely can’t be the fact that they have supported the slaughter of approximately 63,000,000 innocent babies since 1973. It also can’t be the fact that they will throw your ass in jail if you don’t pay your taxes, but at the same time, are willing to spend the taxes you pay on contraception, abortion, protection of criminals, programs that discourage hard work, etc. Haven’t they defrauded you enough? Are you really willing to continue being the victim of their pathetic schemes? They’re losing, and Trump is winning. With Trump winning, America is also winning. Even with the odds stacked against him and after having endured a three year journey to hell and back, America is in better shape than ever before.

Let’s hit the rewind button; shall we? These people have thrown the kitchen sink at Donald Trump time and time again. Any other president would have likely resigned in the face of such evil attempts to reverse the election that put him in the White House. This is what Trump has survived:

  • The most biased media coverage against a president in our history.
  • A fictive FBI investigation of him based on no merit whatsoever.
  • An FBI director so biased in favor of Trump’s opponent that he “exonerates” her from criminal wrongdoing despite the fact that she had violated multiple federal laws. Never mind the fact that the FBI director has absolutely NO constitutional authority to make charging decisions. The thinking is that Trump winning the election cannot be permitted. Hillary must stay in the race.
  • An attorney general derelict in his duties of justice and law enforcement at the highest levels who recuses himself from an unlawful Special Counsel investigation.
  • A deputy attorney general who is willing to oust the President from office via usage of the 25th Amendment to the United States Constitution.
  • A Robert Mueller (fired former FBI Director James “Jim” Comey’s friend) Special Counsel.
  • A special Counsel team of lawyers completely made up of partisan leftist hacks, ie: Aaron Zebley (lawyer who defended Hillary Clinton in the matter of the destruction of her emails and technological devices once they were subpoenaed).
  • A lying and profusely immoral House Intelligence Committee chairman (Adam Schiff) so blatantly biased and unethical that he will stop at nothing to push for impeachment.
  • A democrat party so unlawful that they have unconstitutionally used impeachment as a political toy for their deranged entertainment.
  • A fake whistleblower who has colluded with the House Intelligence Committee Chairman and his staff to impeach the president.
  • Millions of death threats to he and his family.
  • Fraudulent investigations of his sons and daughters for no reason whatsoever.
  • A constant barrage of accusations of lawbreaking and criminal activity despite the fact that he hasn’t even come close to breaking one damn law.

When you show your true colors, the healing can begin. I hate to say it, but of course, there is indeed a time for everything. If you’re on the Left side of the political aisle, you’re not on the right side of history. Once again, Trump winning means America is winning! SHOW YOUR TRUE COLORS!

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