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Same People Different Hoax

Same People Different Hoax | Victor Takacs

Julie Kelly at American Greatness is reporting that the letter calling for Attorney General Bill Barr to resign is a partisan hoax. Supposedly organized and signed by approximately 2,000 attorneys, the apparent aim of the letter is to inflame the public and break the will of supporters of the President and the Attorney General. This Bill Barr attack letter hoax comes on the heels of the resignations of four US attorneys who quit the Roger Stone case in protest over sentencing disagreements. Starting with these four reprobate DOJ line prosecutors, this whole ordeal has been really nothing more than a set up from the beginning. They are the same people who are part of a different hoax.

William P. Barr
United States Attorney General William P. Barr

Two of the four attorneys were on Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel Team. Apparently they attempted to strong arm Timothy Shea, the interim head of the US Attorney’s Office in Washington, and it worked. Shea and these four others had previously shared with Main Justice and the attorney general their inclination to recommend a much lesser sentence than 7 to 9 years for Roger Stone. Federal sentencing guidelines, by the way, come nowhere close to that absurd recommendation as retribution for the types of crimes committed by Stone.

Line Prosecutors in Roger Stone Case

  • Adam C. Jed (Previously on Mueller Special Counsel; Quit Case; Still Employed at DOJ)
  • Aaron Zelinsky (Previously on Mueller Special Counsel; Quit Case; Still Employed at DOJ)
  • Michael j. Marando (Quit Case; Still Employed at DOJ)
  • Jonathan Kravis (Quit Case; Quit DOJ)

In the end, the above prosecutors threatened to quit the case if Timothy Shea did not sign off on and transfer their sentencing recommendation of 7 to 9 years to the judge in the case, Amy Berman Jackson. Shea acquiesced. This is such a disgrace. The line prosecutors knew exactly what they were doing here and should be ashamed of themselves, especially after they lied to the attorney general. Some things never change. These are the same people; different hoax.

Whoops! They already have.

Roger Stone Barr Attack Letter Hoax
Roger Stone

Protect Democracy Behind Hoax

This is how Julie Kelly at American Greatness puts it:

New York Times reporter Katie Benner, trying to make the stunt look like a legitimate grassroots effort, attributed the letter to Protect Democracy, which she described as a “nonprofit legal group.” But Protect Democracy is not an organic activist group spontaneously created by high-minded legal experts alarmed by Trump’s alleged flouting of the rule of law. Protect Democracy was launched in early 2017 as part of an extensive anti-Trump operation managed by a leftwing tech billionaire: Pierre Omidyar, the founder of eBay. This is who is behind Protect Democracy and a number of other nonprofits formed to destroy the President.

Julie Kelly | American Greatness
Same People Different Hoax
Ricki Seidman
Same People Different Hoax
Ricki Seidman (left) had worked with Joe Biden (right) before advising Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser, Christine Blasey Ford. (Carolyn Kaster/AP)

Even Ricki Seidman is in on the action. “Holy moly! Ricki Seidman! Who is that?” you ask. Exactly. Apparently she is the woman who advised Christine Blasey Ford when they tried to railroad Justice Kavanaugh and nearly ruined his life. Ricki Seidman is a director for Protect Democracy, the aforementioned organization that put together this whole Barr Attack Letter Hoax. Others within the organization and/or outside signatories of the letter are Never Trumper Republicans as well as Obama-Biden leftist loyalists.

Take for instance, David Laufman. He was proud to add his name to the Barr Attack Letter. Proof Positive:

Laufman was involved in the Kavanaugh Hearings, as he was legal counsel for Monica Lee McLean. McLean worked for the FBI until 2016. She is a close friend of Kavanaugh accuser, Christine Blasey Ford. Laufman wants Bill Barr to resign. Sure he does. He just one of these same people involved in a different hoax.

Kavanaugh Hearings
Reprobate Trump Hater David Laufman’s Client, Monica Lee McLean, Kavanaugh Accuser, Christine Blasey Ford and Reprobate Democrat Legal Activist Attorneys Debra Katz and Michael Bromwich Pictured at Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearings

Brian Merrick

In a letter received by senators at some point during the Kavanaugh hearings, Ford’s one-time boyfriend, Brian Merrick, implicated Monica Lee McLean in a damaging lie. He claimed that he had once witnessed his ex-girlfriend (Christine Blasey Ford) coaching McLean on how to pass a polygraph test. This would make sense, because Ford is a psychology professor and McLean, a former FBI agent. Merrick’s claim, if true, would render the polygraph test that Ford took while answering questions about her allegations against Kavanaugh worthless. Obviously if she knows how to coach someone else on how to pass a polygraph, she can pass one as well.

The ex-boyfriend also explained in the letter to senators that Christine Blasey Ford never once mentioned anything to him about being sexually assaulted by Brett Kavanaugh. Merrick also stated that he had no idea Ford and Kavanaugh’s paths had intersected in the past. It’s obvious he made that point to emphasize how unimportant Kavanaugh had been to Ford until he was nominated for confirmation to the US Supreme Court.

Merrick took issue with a couple of other things. Ford had originally said that she was hesitant to travel the Washington to testify against Kavanaugh, because flying bothered her. Mr. Merrick emphatically denied the fact that flying was bothersome to Ford. He was also extremely forthcoming with even more information that depicted Ford as being way more dishonest than she was truthful. He accused Ford of having stolen money from him while they dated and after they broke up as well. Merrick said that she had stolen his credit cards and maxed them out. Even after they had broken up, she continued to purchase major items on Merrick’s credit cards without his permission.

Same People Different Hoax
Laufman was a Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the National Security Division of the Department of Justice

Barr Attack Letter Hoax Nothing More Than Swamp Operation

Bill Barr is a man of integrity, but they’re after him because of their extreme hatred for the president. These are some truly sick people. They can write letters until their hands fall off. It does not matter. We know who they are. These are the same people involved in a different hoax.


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