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Debate Topics
Democrat Candidates for President on Debate Stage

Debate Topics | Mort Collin

How about those Democrat debates last week? How about the nominee’s responses to these debate topics? Have you ever heard a group of politicians talk about as many unpopular big government policies as you did throughout these verbal circus acts? This is apparently the new mantra of the left as we approach the 2020 Presidential Election. What’s baffling is every candidate’s desire to be as radical as possible. The utter ignorance of this as a campaign strategy cannot be overstated. The further left these democrats lurch, the more ground they have to make up to get closer to the center to face off against President Trump in the General Election.

Debate Topics
Democrat Presidential Candidates on Debate Stage: (L to R) South Bend, IN Mayor Pete Buttigieg; Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT); Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)

The numerous attacks on Joe Biden could have been used by him to his own benefit. The majority of democrats in this country are center-left, which means that these debate topics must have millions of them scratching their heads. Overall they are not willing participants in the race toward socialism that these candidates are sprinting toward. Given the lead in the polls the former Vice President had right out of the gate, he really could have widened the gap between he and the other candidates had he stuck to normal Democrat policy proposals instead of being baited by CNN’s crazy debate topics. Unfortunately for him though, he has been indecisive and quick to flip flop toward the more radical positions of his competition for some reason.

Debate Topics
Democrat Presidential Candidates on Debate Stage: (L to R) Former Vice President Joe Biden of Delaware & Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA)

The attacks on former President Obama by democrat candidates on the debate stage were quite surprising. This is a man who has a 97% approval rating among democrats, which is among the highest of former presidents in the history of the party. So why attack him? It beats me. It’s terrible political strategy, but I’m not complaining. Any one of the more well known candidates could emerge as a front runner if they were to embrace the Obama legacy and make an effort to be more moderate. For some reason they do not understand that. It’s apparent they will attack anyone, and even St. Obama is not off-limits. You can’t fix stupid, but you can vote for the Republicans and President Trump in 2020. In the end, if the economy continues to stay healthy and grow, President Trump easily wins re-election despite these bizarre debate topics.

President Trump has our Economy Booming
The President’s Economic Policies Have Created Record Jobs Numbers.

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