Jim Comey


Vox Article on Jim Comey Debunked: Justice arrives soon and no amount of fake news can change that.

Goldwater Unfit for Presidency

Goldwater Psychologically Unfit for Presidency

While Senator Barry Goldwater (R-AZ) was never president, he faced absurd questions about his mental health while campaigning against LBJ for president in 1964 in much the same way Trump’s mental health has been scrutinized by the left.

The Democrat Marxists

The Democrat Marxists

Destruction is a sign of pure evil.

Socialist Dorks of America Convention

Is this a joke? This convention looks like it’s something produced for Saturday Night Live.

Deep State Down


We the People are about to get our Country Back.

2021 Health and Freedom Conference Speeches

2021 Health and Freedom Conference Speeches

These will get you FIRED UP!

Propaganda Works

This is proof that the liberal propaganda coming at us via leftist mainstream outlets is having an impact on people. Very Scary!

Ex-Clinton Advisor: America Becoming ‘Totalitarian State Before Our Eyes’ Under Biden

Shocking & Terrifying

Blame Trump

Blame Trump

The history of American gun violence is gut wrenching. As God and prayer take a backseat while our culture and society slide further into degradation and rot, mentally ill young people inflict fatal acts of violence on innocent strangers.

Did Jerry Nadler Shit his Pants?

An unexpected bile movement forces the New York congressman to exit stage right in a slow shuffle.

The Human Mind and How it is Controlled

The Human Mind and How it is Controlled

PBS Presents 3 Extraordinary Neurological Experiments

Archbishop Vigano's Letter to President Trump

Archbishop Vigano’s Letter to President Trump

Good vs. Evil Fight has the Archbishop and the President both on the side of good.

Operation Paperclip

Operation Paperclip

The US intelligence and military services extricated scientists from Germany, during and after the final stages of World War II.

Biden Burisma and Hillary

Biden Burisma and Hillary

Media propaganda sends a message to all Americans that only certain people are worthy of transparency and truth.

The CIA Controls your Mind via Hollywood

Hard to believe, but it’s very true.