Trump Slams the Squad

Trump’s recent tweets have come under fire, but they are doing exactly what he wants them to do.

Wolf Blitzer Calls Al Roker

Wolf Blitzer Calls Al Roker

Things go from okay to crappy in record time.

Impeachment of the President

Trump Not Guilty

Investigative Journalism from the Conservative Media Destroys Fake Democrat Impeachment Narrative

Frank Figliuzzi Video

This man has no idea what he’s talking about!

Government Officials had Sex on Rooftop

A top GSA official admitted to the Inspector General that he had sex with a White House staffer on top of his agency’s building.

D&A Investigations


Hunter Biden’s crimes are about to be revealed.

Mattress Mack Video

Mattress Mack Video

The Astros lost. If you bought furniture from Gallery Furniture, it’s time to pay up!

Drunk Woman in Casino

Drunk Woman in Casino

The high volume of alcohol consumed when drinking heavily can cause some major pain. Have no fear. We have options to help you get back to normal.

If You Have Hair (Real or Fake) You’re Officially Screwed

If you presently have real hair on your head, wear a toupee, or any other type of fake hair , the expect of having your head fiddled with every time you fly. It’s either that or the bald look. The choice is yours.

Coronavirus Deaths on Steady Decline

Coronavirus Deaths on Steady Decline

If you’re troubled by the fake media hysteria surrounding the Coronavirus, read this. Clay Travis has the REAL information.

Iran is Weak

Iranian Government Confirmation Came Moments Ago.

Biden Documents Released

Undeniable Biden wrongdoing in these documents should have Dems walking back their accusations of Trump but don’t count on it!