Nadler and Trump

Jerry Nadler the Penguin

Void of the knowledge of justice & its implementation among a free people, Dems are eliminating it execution style.

Dem Lies About ANTIFA Pile Up

These people are psychotic frauds and liars.

Reparations Debate

Reparations Debate

Democrats, the party that once supported slavery and created Jim Crow laws, continue their racist ways by using handouts in exchange for votes.

Whistleblower is Eric Ciaramella

Whistleblower is Eric Ciaramella

He is a 33 year old GS-13 CIA Analyst who ran the White House Ukraine Desk from 2015-2017. A member of the National Security Council during that time, the Trump Administration had him sent back to CIA Headquarters in Langley, VA when his habits of leaking were exposed.


It’s Veto Time! | Victor Takacs Today twelve RINO (Republican in Name Only) Senators betrayed their president. They voted in favor of a resolution to block the National Emergency that allows President Trump to build the fence on the southern border. There is no question about the fact […]

Mueller Press Conference

The Satirical World of Politics

HILARIOUS! Take a break from the vitriol of politics and see it all through the lens of satire and comedy.

FISA Warrant

SHOCKING: Judicial Watch secures FBI 302s of interviews of Deputy Associate Attorney General Bruce Ohr.

Obama Open Mic

This President Does This & Our Current President is Investigated for Two and a Half Years. Welcome to the New America…”with Liberty & Justice for ALL! Is This a Joke?

Chad Kroeger and JT Parr

Chad Kroeger and JT Parr

American heroes whose freedom of speech, no doubt, has the Socialist Democrats triggered.

Harris Biden Ticket

The Harris Biden Ticket

OFFICIAL CAMPAIGN SLOGAN: “Whatever the hell goes wrong, Trump did it!”